Is WordPress Free On BlueHost? (Updated)

Have you been wondering about the real cost of using WordPress? Is WordPress free on hosting providers like; BlueHost? In this article, I’m showing you how to use WordPress for Free on BlueHost. 

Well, I’m assuming you’re into the process of starting a website or personal blog. For that, you will need to understand a few things before going forward. Basically, I will explain how a website works!

To have a fully functional blog/website, you will need three things in a line. These are as follows: 

  • Domain Name.
  • Web Hosting Account. 
  • WordPress (Content Management Platform). 

Let’s move forward and I will explain it all to you. 

How Usually a Website Works?

How website works?

Like I’ve mentioned you will need a few things together to get your website up and running; domain name, web hosting, and website platform (WordPress). 

Domain Name – It is your website name. It may be something like; Every time someone put in the domain name in the browser, your website will be displayed. 

Web Hosting – It’s where you’re going to host your website files and folders. When someone is entering your website URL in the browser, the domain name will connect to the web hosting server to pull up your website data. 

The web hosting space is more like a computer connected to the internet 24/7. It has all the typical computers parts such as; storage drive, a screen, internet cable, ..etc.

Website Design (CMS Platform) – This stands for how you’re going to build your website. WordPress is the popular content management system available. It’s – alone – empowering 32% of the internet websites. 

Is WordPress Free? Free on BlueHost

WordPress is an open source (free) web software which you can use completely for free on your website. It gives you an intuitive website setup that lets you manage your website easily via a simple Dashboard.

Using WordPress is completely free of charge. And almost all web hosting providers are allowing their customers to install WordPress through their control panel with a click of a button. 

WordPress basically allows you to build a professional website with minimal or no coding skills required. 

Furthermore, WordPress is being supported by a large community. It has got a wide variety of plugins and themes that will definitely allow you to build the most advanced website with a fraction of the cost.

What is BlueHost?

BlueHost is a reputable web hosting provider. They’re providing web hosting services for over 2 million customers and counting. Simply, they’re selling you spaces on the internet. 

Like we’ve mentioned above, a Web Hosting account is crucial to have your website up and running. This is basically where we’re going to put in our website files, images, and databases. 

BlueHost is offering a variety of web hosting packages at different prices. it all starts with $3.95 per month (57% Discount Included). You may need to check the following video to understand the difference in each package.

If you’ve not yet purchased your BlueHost web hosting package, make sure to use our promo code to grab your exclusive discount. It will be a very decent option to get started building your website. Let’s do it!

BlueHost is one of the reputable web hosting providers worldwide. There are also other web hosting providers that are as well offering easy-to-use web hosting services with free WordPress support. This article; Top Web Hosting providers compared might be a very helpful read here.

Is WordPress Free On BlueHost?

It’s 100% free to grab and install WordPress platform on BlueHost. And here, I’m talking about the (self-hosted) WordPress version ( You can install it with a click of a button on BlueHost.

All you’ll have to do is to purchase BlueHost web hosting package. After that, you’ll be emailed login username and password to log in over to BlueHost Dashboard

After logging in, you will see the following screen. This is your website dashboard giving you a full control over your website details and resources. 

WordPress will be already installed on your website. You will need to click on (My Sites). Here, you will be given two options: “Manage Site” and “Login to WordPress Dashboard“. You’re done! WordPress is installed and ready for you to work on building your awesome website.

BlueHost Install WordPress

You will then need to click on “Log in to WordPress” to access your WordPress Dashboard. In there, you can get started building and customizing your website, choosing themes, and installing a plugin.

So yeah! WordPress is 100% free to use on BlueHost web hosting and as well with many other web hosting providers. You may need to pay for a premium theme or a premium plugin. Yet, you still can use free WordPress themes and plugins available in the official WordPress Repository.


Does WordPress come free with BlueHost? Yes, it does.

BlueHost web hosting account comes packed up with WordPress ready and installed on your account. No further steps are needed to install it. You can just get started building your awesome site after purchasing BlueHost.

That is it all. Please let me know shall you require any further assistance. I hope this article gave you useful information on whether WordPress is Free on BlueHost. 

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