The Global Web Hosting Market Share (Analyzed)

Web hosting is indeed a huge industry. It involves tens of thousands of servers and thousands of employees worldwide. In this article, we’re explaining the global web hosting market share.

Web hosting is almost forming the ether of the World Wide Web. And accordingly, it became a huge market for businesses to invest and make money.

To have your website up and running, you essentially need a domain name and a web host. How does the global web hosting market share breakdown look like? Let’s analyze it across different parameters.

The Web Hosting Market Share:

GoDaddy seems to have capitalized wonderfully on its monopoly in web domain registration. They get a global hosting market share of over 7.5%. It has been a tremendous increase for them in the last couple of years.

Next in the list, is Amazon Web Services, which account for 4% of the global share. In their short stint, they have made their claim in a monstrous way.

The cheap web hosting packages from 1&1 Hosting appeals to 3% of the webmasters worldwide. I’m not really a big fan of this company. But their market share is interesting and shocking at the same time for me!

The French hosting company comes at 4th with 2.6% of global market share. The decade-old company, HostGator retains its place in the top 5 with almost 2.5% of the global market, followed by BlueHost.

The German based, Hetzner and the Chinese company, Aliyun earns a place in top 10. Google Cloud platform earns the 8th spot with a decent 1.77% of global market share.

Top Web Hosting Server Locations:

Most webmasters and site owners still favor US-based web hosting providers. And accordingly, they favor using US-based servers over other worldwide locations and data centers.

Almost 48% of all the websites on the internet are hosted on US-based servers. Germany comes the distant second with one in ten websites hosted on their servers.

China, Japan, the UK, and France bags 3% of global share. The hugely populated country, India, comes with adequate tech expertise. Yet, India is nowhere close to being seen in the top 10 list!

The other countries to make it to the top ten list are Netherlands, Canada, Italy and Russia. The ever-rising popularity of GoDaddy and AWS will only make lead to the U.S exerting an absolute dominance in coming years.

Private Blogging Networks (PBN):

PBNs are the webmaster’s darlings. It is enabling them to influence their SEO rankings and get more traction on search engines. To avoid any footprint, PBN owners use a variety of hosting services. Each service comes with a different IP and a different server location.

The top hosting providers are used on a major chunk of the websites in Private Blogging Networks (PBN). Alternative hosts such as; Siteground, DreamHost, GreenGeeks and such services are sought for, as well.

The smaller players in the web hosting industry come handy too with cheaper hosting packages. Cloud hosting has also become a recent trend. PBN is ideally using cloud hosting in 20% of their websites. That segment is dominated by Amazon Web Services.

Web Hosting Conglomerates:

Web Hosting Brands

Most web hosting companies belong to a larger hosting group. The gigantic hosting group (Endurance International Group – EIG) is alone empowering over 60 web hosting brands. Some of these sub-brands are:

As an umbrella web hosting brand, GoDaddy Group holds almost 7% of global market share. Amazon is the only other group to hold more than 5%. Google and EIG have a market share of 3.6% each. The German-based hosting group, Hetzner maintains its 3.3% since last year.


That was it all about the global web hosting market share and the current business site. As you can see, it’s a big market with huge investments.

Every day a new internet user is born. Thus, more web hosting need. So I expect a faster market growth over the upcoming years. Don’t you have a website or a blog yet?

That’s all the details we have on global web hosting market share breakdown. Please let me know in the comments section below for any questions or concerns. I would love to help.

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