13+ Top Rated Web Hosting Companies

There are many web hosting companies in the market. And the web hosting market share is pretty interesting. In this article today, I’m sharing the top 20 web hosting companies along with personal insights and experiences.

Web hosting is a very tough market. And it’s all about the uptime and support quality. While many companies are claiming great service with outstanding uptime reports, just a few of them proved to be reliable enough.

Here, I’m giving it a long shot reviewing the top 20 web hosting companies. And I’m pretty sure you’ll find your awesome web hosting provider below. Just follow along.

I’m giving a particular focus on WordPress optimized web hosting services. If you’re up to start up a WordPress website, these best 20 web hosting companies list below should be the optimum recipe for you.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the web hosting companies below contain affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you signed up for the service. This helps us to cover the expenses of testing, reviewing, and analyzing the service. Thanks for your support!

Top 20 Web Hosting Companies:

First of all, Getting a reliable web hosting service is your most important decision to build a website. You could develop a great website that is always offline due to a bad web hosting service.

A decent web hosting service will significantly decrease the risk and costs involved in keeping your website up. Furthermore, It will help you keep your website secured and ready to defend against any attacks that may arise.

Here is a list of the top 20 web hosting companies in the market. I’ve made sure to only include those providing better service along with outstanding support quality. Follow along.



BlueHost is proudly hosting over 2 million domain names on their servers. They’re indeed one of the most reliable companies on the planet. I’ve tried it on my own and found it has outstanding uptime and support quality.

BlueHost is 100% WordPress optimized. This means you can build your ultra-fast WordPress website on their hosting platform. Furthermore, they’ve been investing heavily in WordPress site speed performance.

BlueHost is a top brand name that is owned by EIG (Endurance International Group). This is the main holding company that is running other web hosting brands such as; HostGatoriPage, and FatCow.

BlueHost is offering 24/7 customer support via multiple channels; Live Chat and Toll-Free Phone Numbers. Their support staff is knowledgeable and very familiar with WordPress. For me, BlueHost is the best in the top 20 web hosting companies.

The company is featuring three main shared hosting packages; Basic, Plus, and Prime. The Basic package is your ultimate option if you’re up to host a single domain. In case you wanted to host multiple domains, the Plus package would be even cost-effective.

While BlueHost is very affordable for the first billing cycle, the renewal prices will slightly increase. Yet, getting a high-quality web hosting service does always worth every penny. Their prices start at $3.95 per month.

You will also get a Free Domain Name Registration included. Furthermore, you will get lifetime access to a Free SSL Certificate along with $200 Marketing Credits to advertise your website on Adwords and other networks.

Go To BlueHost.com


FastComet Hosting

While it hasn’t been there for as long as other big brand names, I’ve listed it #2 on purpose. The company is offering a reliable web hosting service with tons of add-ons, features, and freebies.

FastComet is currently serving a rapidly growing client base across the globe. Their pricing starts at $2.95 per month with a 45-Days Money Back Guarantee. It has been widely known for its optimal performance and high-quality support.

Unlike BlueHost and other companies, FastComet is featuring the same price renewals. This means that your signup price will remain the same for all the upcoming renewals. You’ll never be charged for extra fees or price raises.

FastComet has been offering a wide variety of web hosting services. All these services are based on the optimal-performing cloud. I’ve been using FastComet for the past 10 months, and so far so good.

The company is offering unbeatable deals packed with great freebies that you won’t find together somewhere else. Furthermore, I’ve noticed a significant ranking boost upon migrating to FastComet.

They’re willing to move the extra mile with a FREE website migration service. And to ensure the ultimate performance, FastComet is featuring advanced multi-layered caching techniques.

FastComet is offering Unlimited SSL Certificates (via Let’s Encrypt). Furthermore, they feature a Free Domain Name Registration or Renewal. If you already have a domain name, you can transfer it over to FastComet for FREE! (Worth $15 savings).

Go To FastComet.com


This company is the world’s #1 green energy web hosting company. Yet, they do offer an ultimate web hosting performance compared to other providers. One more thing; they offer a free domain name registration included.

Unlike other providers, They’re only offering one ultimate package with everything in place. This package will let you run a professional website with “Unlimited” features; Storage, Bandwidth, Emails, and MySQL Databases.

Furthermore, you will get access to generate Free SSL Certificates for optimal security.  PHP 7 is completely supported by SSD Drives and CloudFlare CDN.

GreenGeeks is offering outstanding support via multiple channels; Live Chat, Phone, Email, and Ticketing System. Nevertheless, They have everything documented in supportive videos, articles, and blog posts to help you along the way.

They totally understand your worries about traffic. Thus, they offer Free Marketing Credits along with the hosting plan. You can use these credits to advertise your website on; Adwords, Bing and Yahoo Networks.

Overall, GreenGeeks is a top-line provider with everything you might need to run a successful online brand. Their pricing starts at $3.95 per month. And they’re willing to offer a Free Website Transfer.

Go To GreenGeeks.com



A2 Hosting is another great provider in terms of WordPress Optimization. I’ve been running a couple of small WordPress sites on their platform. And so far, I had no complaints for a long time.

They’re featuring Pure SSD Drives along with Dedicated Server Resources. Furthermore, they do “Unlimited” for all the features; Disk Storage, Monthly Bandwidth, Email Accounts, ..etc.

Their shared hosting plans start at $3.92 per month. And what’s awesome here is that you can pay on a month-to-month basis. You don’t have to pay much money to secure a decent web hosting account.

A2 Hosting is specifically designed for WordPress websites. Furthermore, they’ve developed the WordPress pluginA2 Optimized“. This plugin automatically configures your site from the Security and Performance purposes.

The company is featuring Any Time Money Back Guarantee. This will allow to test drive the full service with an option to cancel and refund at any time. What an awesome service!

Go To A2Hosting.com


The company has been receiving accreditation and rewarding for many years now. They offer a great service with a strong reputation among different customers worldwide.

With a wide variety of web hosting services; Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Servers. InMotion Hosting is becoming one of the leaders in the web hosting industry.

Their support staff are helpful and always available to assist. They’re offering support via multiple support channels; Email, Phone, Live Chat, and Tickets.

Their servers are purely powered by Solid State Drives (SSD). This ensures that your website will load significantly fast than if it was on regular (SATA) drives.

Furthermore, they implemented layered caching techniques to serve even faster website pages. They also offer Free SSL Certificates along with Free Advertising Credits to market your website.

Automatic Backups are being generated every 24 hours. Your data are kept off-site and it’s incredibly Free! Other companies may charge a hefty fee to keep and maintain off-site backups like this.

They’re featuring three main shared hosting packages; Launch, Power, Pro. All their plans include free domain name registration and renewals. Their pricing starts at $2.95 (with up 57% off).

Go To InMotionHosting.com



With over 9 million domain names hosted, HostGator is one of the largest web hosting providers in the market. Furthermore, You can pay monthly if you prefer.

I’ve been using their services since 2013 and I’m impressed with the quality and support. Despite the fact that I had got a few hiccups along the way, HostGator has been quick to investigate and resolve these issues.

The company is owned and operated by EIG (Endurance International Group). It’s the same umbrella company that has acquired many famous hosting brands such as; BlueHost, iPage, and FatCow.

HostGator is featuring three shared hosting packages; Hatchling, Baby, and Business. Hathling plan is the most suitable for hosting a single domain. And Baby is perfect for multiple domains.

You’ll also get up to $200 Advertising Credits to market your website. They offer Free Website Transfer along with a full-access to ~ 4,500 Pre-Made Website Templates and Automated Backups.

Their pricing starts at $2.75 per month. Unlike GoDaddy. Nevertheless, they feature the First Month $0.01 Offer. This means you can try their service for a month and just pay $0.01.

Go To HostGator.com

#7. IPAGE:


Founded in 1998, iPage has been there for a while serving clients from around the world. It’s one of the largest web hosting providers available with a client base of 1M+ and counting.

iPage is a very affordable option to obtain a decent web hosting service for as low as $1.99 per month. You will also get handy access to several addons and features to help you build an awesome website.

You will also get a Free Domain Registration included, Free Security Tools, and a nice Advertising Credit. You will also very decent web design tools, shopping carts, and many ready-made templates.

For as low as $1.95 and up to 30 days money-back guarantee, iPage should be your ultimate choice if you’re on a budget. It’s highly recommended.

Go To iPage.com



DreamHost has been awarded several credits and prizes in the web hosting industry. Despite being a bit expensive than others listed here, DreamHost is packed with many premium features and strong service.

Founded in 1996, DreamHost is offering a variety of web hosting services; Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Servers. Their servers are all based on the Cloud along with SSD Drives for maximum performance.

Their most popular feature is Remixer – an intuitive website builder that takes minutes of your time to design a full-functional premium website.

You’ll also get a 100% Uptime Guarantee and 97 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Go To DreamHost.com

Specialized WordPress Hosting:

I’ve listed above the most reputable companies that have been used by many customers worldwide. I’ve got to use these web hosting services myself for own or client’s projects. And I’ve found them reliable.

Furthermore, Here are additionals on the list of top 20 web hosting companies. They are only specialized in WordPress hosting. Although these companies come with a higher price tag, I’ve found them perfect for high-traffic websites.

Here is the additional list for you:

These are the top managed WordPress hosting providers. I’ve had a closer experience working on Kinsta and CloudWays platforms. And I’m impressed with the service and quality in there.

Best Shared Hosting – Overall:

With up to 35,000 monthly visitors, Shared hosting should be your ultimate web hosting choice. Most of the above-mentioned companies are offering affordable shared hosting plans.

Furthermore, most of the shared host customers are first-time site owners. That’s why many companies are offering great freebies and additional incentives to stand out.

While all the above companies are great, I would recommend; BlueHost, iPage or FastComet. These three companies really excel in shared hosting. Nevertheless, they do offer a free domain name, free website builder, unlimited storage, unlimited emails and optimal security tools.

Best Blog Hosting Sites

If you’re up to starting a blog website, you may prefer a 1-click installer for the blogging software. Blow, I’m recommending the best blog hosting sites. These companies will offer easy-to-learn website builder tools and tons of design templates.

For WordPress Hosting: If you’re just starting up with a fresh new website, I would recommend any of; BlueHost, InMotion Hosting, GreenGeeks.

For Weebly Hosting: It’s one of the top website builders today. And it’s very ideal for bloggers. I would recommend iPage with the top-recommended Weebly site builder. You will also get thousands of ready-made templates.

Overall, I think WordPress is your ultimate blogging software. Almost every provider in the list above provides WordPress resources, support, and tutorials. They also will offer guidance and friendly support along the way.


That was all about the top 20 web hosting companies available in the market. Once more, I’ve used many of these companies and I’ve listed and numbered them based on the service quality.

Can’t see your hosting company on the list? Please let me know your experiences in the comments below. I would love to hear back from you and update the list with better hosting companies like yours.

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