Shopify Plus Pricing: An Honest Unbiased Review

I believe that traders and retailers should move over to online eCommerce. The online market is potentially growing fast. Shopify knows it very well. And that’s why they relaunched Shopify Plus Pricing. This is my honest unbiased Shopify Plus Review.

The online eCommerce platform to use should be reliable enough to automate your business. And the transition over to a new platform could be a bit challenging. Thus, You need to understand all costs included priorly.

In this article, I’m revealing the Shopify Plus pricing structure. My goal is to let you fully understand all the costs involved. These costs are ranging between; regular costs, upfront costs and ongoing costs.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus Pricing

Shopify Plus is rapidly growing in popularity. And since the world is shifting over to the online market, more retailers are now considering Shopify Plus Review platform.

Many brands have shifted to Shopify platform recently such as; NewYork Times, Chubbies, Beyoned Retro, .. & a lot more. Shopify Plus is reliable, flexible and secured. And it totally worth every penny on using their platform for your eCommerce business.

There are many known retailers use Shopify Plus on daily basis. Big Companies like P&G, WWF, Subway & Tesla are finding it easier to use Shopify Plus for their online sales.

Here, I’ll be reviewing all the costs involved on moving to Shopify Plus pricing. I truely hope that this article delivers great value for retailers considering Shopify Plus platform. It’s all based on hosted (SaaS) platform

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Shopify Plus Features:

Yes, this package have been designed to high-volume merchants and retailers. It’s specified to merchants achieving monthly sales of $800,00 or more.

Accordingly, there should be certain exclusive features that you won’t find with Shopify regular plans. That’s true! Let me give you a quick brief overview on these features below:

– Multiple Languages: The regular plans allows you to run your shop in one language. Shopify Plus allows you to run additional installations with different languages. All installations could be synced together via API.

– Cart Conditions & Scripting: You’ll be given full access to the cart scripting logic. You can specify rules, discounts and certain conditions based on the buyer’s decisions.

– Custom Checkout: Instead of referring customers to merchant gateway, buyers can complete the purchase on your domain name. This is more elegant and gives additional line of satisfaction to your customers.

– Avalara Tax integration: With this smart tool in place, Managing taxes on your site will be way easier. You will do all the tax work perfectly if your business is US-based.

– Shopify Flow: This is a set of automation tools that allows automating multiple tasks on running an online business. It exactly works as an automated work flow to save you more time. It covers marketing emails, customer support replies, ..etc.

– Launchpad: let’s say you want to apply a new theme for Christmas. You will need to hire a developer and do the hard work of designing the look, banners, ..etc. With Shopify Plus Review, you can automate the whole process to switch between Shopify themes for a period of time.

There are more and more Features on their road-map. Shopify gives a high priority to their Plus customers. They keep additing new features periodically. These features and updates will be available on your platform without any upgrades required.

Check Shopify Plus Pricing

Shopify Plus Selling Capacity:

Furthermore, Shopify is giving you more and more capacity to sell unlimited number of products. You’ve got some of the best selling capabilities on the market. Let’s see what is that:

– Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth, & Sales: You can list unlimited number of products with zero additional cost. You will also get 0% transaction fees. High traffic volume won’t indeed crash your site.

– Google Analytics Integrated: Within the Shopify Plus Dashboard, you will be able to see the Google Analytics reports. This way you can understand your customers behavior and do better in sales.

– Close to 100% Uptime: That’s why I believe that Shopify Plus is cost-effective. You won’t have to hassle with server’s uptime, support or pay unexpected bills to solve hosting errors. It’s all managed for you.

– Featuring Shopify Lite: These tools will help you to sell on social networks and other marketplaces in addition to your main website channel. This helps you to maximize the reach and off-course the sales too.

The Shopify Plus business has been launched to serve merchants and retailers with high sales volume. The Shopify Plus environment is always ready to handle traffic and sales very good for each moment.

Your online Shopify store is always up and running.  And all that guarantees no chances to loose a sale with their awesome platform.

Based on the features mentioned above, Shopify Plus has no restrictions on storage capacity, traffic limits or even monthly sales volume. You still can list and sell unlimited number of products with no limitations and no stress.

Overall, Shopify Plus is perfectly scalable for all business sizes under the sun.

Check Shopify FeaturesCheck Shopify Plus Features

Shopify Plus Pricing:

Shopify Plus Review - Sales Revenue

This awesome platform sells at prices starting at $2,000 per month. If you’re a merchant selling for over $800,000 USD per month, your recurring fee will be setting at $2,000 each month.

On exceeding the $1M USD mark per month, Your fee will jump up to be $2,500 each month. And yes, there are many top brands using Shopify Plus and making such sales per month.

Overall, Shopify Plus Review pricing does worth every penny. It’s a reliable platform that guarantees no los sales. And your missions would go over to other things like SEO, marketing and pricing optimization.

Compared to other eCommerce solutions, Shopify Plus is the most cost-effective one. You won’t have to hassle with hosting issues, downtimes, programming, security, support, ..etc. Everything is already maintained for the ultimate performance of your platform.

With Shopify Plus, You won’t to expect any unexpected costs!

Shopify Plus Transaction Fees:

Shopify runs it’s own payment processor. And it sets at a rate of 1.6% + $0.35 per transaction. This rate is very competitive while looking like a bit above the market standards.

Shopify allows you to use a third-part payment processor. This may lead to a lower fee per transaction. But Shopify still charges a flat 0.15% fee per transaction for using a third party payment processor.

Check Shopify Plus Pricing

Shopify Plus Review – Support:

Shopify Plus Review - Enterprise eCommerce Software

Shopify Plus truly surpasses at offering a superb client support experience. Shopify Plus customers will get a significant priority compared to regular Shopify users. But overall, the Shopify customer support is accessible all day and night for you.

Shopify Plus business are being offered a dedicated success manager. This agent will help you continually review your site and suggest changes and upgrades. You can also ask your dedicated manager for particular cases or concerns you worry about.

And if you’re not feeling so comfortable speaking with such Shopify Plus agent about your business insiders, You still can access the forums for a particular technical advice. Live chat also does work with confidentiality guaranteed.

To contact Shopify customer supprt, you can use email or call them whatsoever. For me, I prefer to do phone calling as it indeed gets a speedier response from their part.

And Shopify Plus support staff are always online to help you and answer your questions and inquiries. The support is available via multiple channels; Emails, Tickets, Phone & Live Chat.

Shopify Plus Apps Integrations:

Shopify Plus Apps

Shopify Plus is perfectly treating their customers. You will get a full control over the looking and feel of your online store. Furthermore, You can easily customize the design and marking in any changes you would like.

Furthermore, Shopify Plus Review is continually improving store’s abilities by giving them a large number of applications. You can install and use any of these apps with a click of a button.

Shopify Plus has an application store with a well-picked determination of more than 1,000 applications to browse. For some of these applications, you may need a professional help to set them up. Some other applications are simple and easy to use by yourself.

These applications are intended to help Shopify Plus users to handle email marketing campaigns, Content Relationship Management (CRM) and bookkeeping frameworks.

Shopify is widely supported by a bunch of master creators, engineers and designers. They can help in designing and customizing a particular feature for you based on your requirements, Furthermore, they can help with the look customization and theme changes.

Shopify Plus Disadvantages:

Although I’m a Shopify super-fan, The platform is also having weaknesses. Let me give you a quick brief about these disadvantages so you can decide whether it’s a good platform for your business.

– Limited Blog Section: Based on the recent eCommerce studies, Customers will purchase from companies that blog. Shopify platform has a weak blog section. It means it doesn’t have all the features you might need to blog professionally. Instea, You may blog externally on WordPress, SquareSpace, ..etc.

– Limited Shipping Choices: The shipping options available in there are very limited. The price rules also are not 100% complete. This means you might need to purchase an additional app or hire a developer to customize an extesnive feature for you.

– Additional Apps Reliance: Although being given multiple apps to choose from, This reliance is a disadvantage here. These apps are being constructed and supported by third-parties. In case any of these apps went wrong, It may mess your whole store right away. So yeah make sure which app you install.

– Features in Templates: Just be careful on choosing a Shopify theme. Some of the features are only implemented on the template part not the Shopify back-end. This means that changing the template t any stage may break these features if not support by the new theme.

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Do I need Shopify Plus?

Do I need Shopify Plus?

My answer is YES!

Shopify Plus has been designed for large-scaled clients with growing monthly eCommerce profits. If you’re making more sales per month, then definitely you need to shift over to Shopify Plus Review.

If you’re already a Shopify merchant and you consider moving to Shopify Plus. Here is a quick sum up of why you need to do so right away:

  • Own Brand with a domain name.
  • Custom checkout page on your domain.
  • Dedicated success manager at your fingertip.
  • Customized integrations & exclusive access to features.
  • Ability to run multilingual online store.
  • Scalability with Unmetered Bandwidth & Resources.
  • Ability to create store clones for different countries.
  • And more…

If you already have an online store elsewhere and want to move over to Shopify Plus Review, It’s time to do so. Shopify has everything for you to run a successful eCommerce business like never before.

Check Shopify Plus Features & Pricing

Shopify Plus Review is already serving big brands nowadays. And this makes it reputable and totally reliable. Shopify has been numerously mentioned as one of the top enterprise eCommerce platforms.

That was it! Please let me know in the comments below if you’ve got any Shopify Plus questions. I would love to help you further. Also, don’t forget to share this awesome article with those who may find it useful.

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