Does Premium DNS Hosting Really Worth It?

You may be wondering whether the premium DNS hosting does really worth it. In this article, I’m reviewing the premium DNS and answer your question about whether you should get it or not.

I’ve been trying web hosting providers over the past few years. And I’ve managed to collect an experience packed with instinct. Here, I will make my best to review Premium DNS for you.

What is the Domain Name System (DNS)?

How Does DNS Typically Work?

First of all, let’s understand what does the domain name system (known as; DNS) mean? It’s the addressing protocol that connects a domain name with the corresponding IP address.

On recalling a domain name in the browser, the domain name system (DNS) will call the server IP address. And here, it will pull up the website information and display the website pages for you.

It’s really easier to remember domain name words such as; HostingDonuts, Google, Yahoo, ..etc. It’s indeed very hard to remember a numbering combination for the IP address such as;

DNS is a must-thing to set up in order for your website to work. Otherwise, it won’t work properly and will give you a not-found error when putting the domain name in the browser.

What is the Premium DNS for Domain Name?

Instead of using the typical nameservers provided by your web hosting provider, Premium DNS gives you access to custom nameservers. These nameservers resolve to Dynamic DNS IP Addresses.

Your website won’t resolve directly to your server’s IP address. But it will resolve to a set of IP addresses of the premium DNS server used. This is meaning an extra layer of security as it’s hiding your server’s IP address from attackers and potential spammers.

You will then put an A record in the Management Dashboard. And this record tells the DNS server where to direct the visitors calling up your particular domain name.

Premium DNS Benefits:

Premium DNS benefits

Premium DNS is leveraging how you manage your domain DNS records. It will ensure your website loads faster since the IP address resolutions are already faster the usual records.

This is how it all works; It will distribute your DNS information on multiple servers around the world. Thus, the visitors searching your site get connected to the closest server location for a faster response and better loading speed.

Getting a Premium DNS service will definitely come with a set of features and management tools. Let me explain what you should expect on ordering a premium DNS service.

Here are additional benefits you’ll definitely love:

  • Leveraging Security.
  • Fast Performance & Redundancy.
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics.
  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS).
  • DNS Zones Management Dashboard.

All these features will ensure that your website is fast, secured, and managed. I will definitely recommend opting in for a premium DNS if you’re really interested in getting better performance.

Premium DNS Disadvantages:

Premium DNS disadvantages

The only disadvantage here is that you will need to keep an eye on your web hosting account. If your web hosting IP address has been changed for any reason, you will need to manually change it in the Premium DNS dashboard.

Sometimes web hosting companies are migrating accounts between servers. And some other times, they may change the server IP address. They will then email their customers notifying them about this change and the associated reason for that.

If you’re using an external Premium DNS service (not with the same hosting provider), you will need to manually change the IP address for the A record associated with your managed DNS service. Otherwise, you may experience a DNS failover and your website won’t properly load.

This usually doesn’t happen if you’re getting the web hosting, domain name, and the premium DNS service from the same web hosting provider. They will be automatically taken care of it on changing IPs.

Does Premium DNS Worth It?

Yes, it does worth every penny. It will distribute your DNS information on multiple servers hiding your main server IP. Accordingly, it will increase the website loading speed & leverage website security.

If you’re running a small blog or just getting started with a simple business website, you don’t have to worry about getting it at all. It’s going to be a waste of time in your case.

Premium DNS services are highly recommended for medium and large sized websites/blogs. Those sites that are getting a growing number of visitors every month. You may need to consider it on a later stage if you’re just getting started with a brand new online presence.

Which Provider To Choose?

Well, there are many providers offering premium DNS along with their service or as a standalone service. I’ve been using the following providers and they’re really trust-worthy.

On purchasing a web hosting from NameCheap or GoDaddy, they’ll offer the service as an add-on. CloudFlare is also another reputable provider offering managed DNS service. You may need to try their free Premium DNS plan.


How does DNS work? DNS Quesy Deconstructed - Infographic

That was it all about the service and whether you should get for it or not. Again, be noted that it’s not very important for those who are just getting started or running small blogs.

You will definitely need to consider the service if you’re running a growing website with considerable traffic. Premium DNS will do magic to your website in this case.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to hear back from you. I hope you’ve got a clear idea on whether Premium DNS really worth it or not.

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