How To Delete GoDaddy Account? (Step by Step)

How To Cancel GoDaddy Account? (Step by Step) #GoDaddy

Most of the web hosting and domain providers are very difficult to cancel services with. It seems to me that once they have you hooked, they have their claws in for the good. While it’s always up to you, the cancellation process is not as clear as you may expect. In this article today, we’re … Read more

Where To Buy Domain Name Without Hosting?

Do you have a business idea with a unique name? But you don’t want to launch your business right now? It’s very wise to look up your business domain name and register it before somebody else does. Registering a domain name for your business is the very first step in launching your online presence. Registering … Read more

3 Best Web Hosting Sites for Mac Users

Mac computers are highly durable, very-well designed, and definitely worth every penny. Mac users are always expecting a top-notch experience when it comes to computers and technology. If you’re running a website or having an online business, you definitely need to use a web host that understands your expectations. And is compatible with your Mac … Read more

Resolved: Apt-Get Command Not Found

Resolved: Apt-Get Command Not Found

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions. In fact, most people who use Linux started with Ubuntu. In this article, we’re explaining how to resolve the apt-get command not found. Ubuntu is derived from Debian Linux. Both Debian and Ubuntu use the dpkg packaging system. In order to interact with this packaging system, … Read more

How to SSH into FastComet Hosting? (Quick)

How To SSH into FastComet Hosting? #FastComet #SSH #Shell

FastComet is offering free SSH access along with their web hosting services. The service is enabled and activated by default on all their servers. You may find FTP a great way of transferring files. But SSH access will give you peace of mind when it comes to transferring big backup files or moving from an … Read more

How to SSH into GreenGeeks Hosting? (Quick)

How To SSH into GreenGeeks Account? #GreenGeeks #SSH #Shell

GreenGeeks is a reputable web hosting provider. It offers a wide range of features along with its web hosting offerings. One of these great features is the SSh access. SSH access is an awesome way to directly connect to the server. It provides a secure and fast way to access the server as if you’re … Read more