The Difference: CNAME Vs SubDomain Vs A Record

The Difference: CNAME Vs SubDomain Vs A Record #DNS #Hosting #WordPress

There are so many different elements that go into the website online existence. the process usually includes domain names and the hosting server. And most importantly, the other various options for creating DNS records for your website. These DNS records are responsible for serving your website from a specific server and a specific IP address. … Read more

31+ Cheapest Domain Extensions (Shortlisted)

I see you’re searching for the cheapest domain extensions. Well, most of the common domain names like; .com, .net, .org will cost around $10 each year. But are there any other cheaper domain extensions? The answer is YES! there are less common cheaper domain name extensions. They cost way less than the above-mentioned top-level domain … Read more

What Does www3 Mean in Web Address?

What Does www3 Mean in Web Address?

The Internet is quite a populated platform. The recent worldwide internet statistics show that there are a whopping 3,9 billion users using the internet on a daily basis. While it is indeed a large number, this traffic surfs the internet seamlessly. The interconnected network (Internet) consists of a number of servers to handle such a … Read more

7 Best SiteGround Hosting Alternatives

7 Best SiteGround Web Hostijng Alternatives #SiteGround #Hosting #WordPress #CPUSeconds

SiteGroud has been widely known across the internet over the past few years. But popular is not always perfect. In this article, I will show you the best SiteGround hosting alternatives. The company rapidly became one of the most popular WordPress hosting providers. Furthermore, I’ve been reading so many positive reviews about their service quality … Read more