What are iPage Payment Methods? (+ 75% OFF)

What are iPage Payment Methods? (+ 75% OFF) #iPage #Hosting #PaymentMethods

iPage is indeed a reputable web hosting company that has been around for a while. They’re offering web hosting services allowing their users to build websites. But what are their accepted payment methods? Founded in 1998, iPage has been growing fast to become a leading provider. They’re currently hosting over a million websites and domain … Read more

XAMPP Vs WAMP Vs LAMP Vs MAMP: The Difference

XAMPP vs WAMP vs LAMP vs MAMP: What's The Difference?

Offline web development tools will definitely help coders and developers on their mission. From there, local server software has been introduced to the market. In this article, we’re after reviewing XAMPP and WAMP local servers. There are indeed many other local web server packages used by developers. Each of these packages comes with different features. … Read more

How To Enable DreamHost CDN Using CloudFlare?

We’ll introduce you to the basics of how to enable DreamHost CDN using Cloudflare. And what are the benefits of it? We’re also listing the top 3 CDN solutions you can use on your WordPress website. The world is moving quicker than ever before. Accordingly, your website should be always up to date to keep … Read more

7 Best SiteGround Hosting Alternatives

7 Best SiteGround Web Hostijng Alternatives #SiteGround #Hosting #WordPress #CPUSeconds

SiteGroud has been widely known across the internet over the past few years. But popular is not always perfect. In this article, I will show you the best SiteGround hosting alternatives. The company rapidly became one of the most popular WordPress hosting providers. Furthermore, I’ve been reading so many positive reviews about their service quality … Read more

FIXED: Website Doesn’t Supply Ownership Information

FIXED: Website Doesn't Supply Ownership Information

You may be having a website or a blog. And definitely, you’re running it on SSL secured protocol. Your web host is already providing an included SSL certificate free of charge for your website. Sometimes, Browsers and Mail Clients may not trust the given certificates. Not because of anything, but it could be due to … Read more

Why To Wait 60 Days To Transfer A Domain?

Why To Wait 60 Days To Transfer A Domain? #ICANN #Domain_Transfer #60Days

You cannot transfer a domain name to a new registrant within 60 days of making the initial registration. Actually, it is the first rule on domain transfers that has been set by (ICANN). Furthermore, If you’ve changed the contact information at any point, the domain will be locked for 60 days. And accordingly, you won’t be … Read more