NameCheap Vs Which is Better & Why?

NameCheap Vs Which is Better & Why?

In Short: NameCheap Vs I personally prefer to use NameCheap for a couple of reasons. NameCheap is featuring cheaper registration and renewal pricing. Furthermore, they’re offering a wide range of domain extensions. The registration process is seamless without sophisticated upsell tactics.  It can be hard to settle in on one with so many web … Read more

The Difference Between Addon Domain Vs Subdomain

The Difference Between Addon Domain Vs Subdomain

In this post, we’re reviewing the difference between Addon Domain Vs Subdomain. You may have used these words, but you don’t really know what they say. Here we will provide the information required for each of them to get a better understanding. But before heading any further, it’s very important to understand what is the … Read more

What is Proxy Site? (+ Good Proxy Sites)

What is Proxy Site? & How Does It Work? #Proxy #VPN

You may be wondering about what is proxy site and how does it all work. In this article, I will show you the complete explanation along with good proxy sites mentions on the internet. Technology nowadays has reached an advanced level. On the other hards, most people remain in the dark about what many technological … Read more

Best WHMCS Alternatives (Free & Paid Software)

Are you into starting a new web hosting business. If so, you’re in the right place. In this article, I’m listing and comparing the best web hosting business management solutions available. These programs and software listed here will help you manage your business and clients easily. They basically will give you tons of tools to … Read more

How To Enable FastComet Free SSL? (Let’s Encrypt)

Installing and configuring an SSL certificate on your domain name is a MUST! In this tutorial, I’m showing you how to enable Free SSL certificate on FastComet Hosting using Let’s Encrypt. Recently, Google announced that SSL certificate is a ranking factor. This means that if your website/blog is not running on HTTPS, there will be … Read more

What Does x86 Mean? (x86 Vs x64 Comparison)

If you have spent even a moderate amount of time near computers, you might have come across the terms “x86” and “X64”. In this article, we’re reviewing the difference between both and which is better for computer performance. If you aren’t well-versed in computer science, trying to find a reasonably easy-to-understand definition is also quite … Read more