Top Benefits & Disadvantages of UNIX

Top Benefits & Disadvantages of UNIX

UNIX is indeed a multi-user and multi-tasking operating system. For that, it has been known to be used for web servers and high workloads. In this article, we’re reviewing UNIX benefits and drawbacks. UNIX is guaranteeing great features for its users. And what’s awesome is that their drawbacks are really few which doesn’t happen in … Read more

What are iPage Payment Methods? (+ 75% OFF)

What are iPage Payment Methods? (+ 75% OFF) #iPage #Hosting #PaymentMethods

iPage is indeed a reputable web hosting company that has been around for a while. They’re offering web hosting services allowing their users to build websites. But what are their accepted payment methods? Founded in 1998, iPage has been growing fast to become a leading provider. They’re currently hosting over a million websites and domain … Read more

XAMPP Vs WAMP Vs LAMP Vs MAMP: The Difference

XAMPP vs WAMP vs LAMP vs MAMP: What's The Difference?

Offline web development tools will definitely help coders and developers on their mission. From there, local server software has been introduced to the market. In this article, we’re after reviewing XAMPP and WAMP local servers. There are indeed many other local web server packages used by developers. Each of these packages comes with different features. … Read more