iPage Renewal Pricing After First Year (Explained)

iPage has been a reputable web hosting provider for a number of years now. Ths company has lots of satisfied clients and a great reputation as well. In this article, we’re explaining the iPage renewal pricing after the first year.

The company offers an exclusive discount on the very first term. So for example; if you’re getting started today, iPage is willing to offer a massive discount that is up to 67% to earn you as a paying customer in the first place.

After the first term ends, you’ll have to renew the service at the regular rate. This means that you’ll not get any discounts on renewal pricing. While this is very fair, some clients don’t like web hosting companies for this particular price spike in the renewals.

In this article, I’m getting this well-explained to you in terms of the renewal pricing and how much you’ll have to pay to renew the iPage web hosting service. Read along and let us know in the comments section below if you require any assistance or have got any questions.

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Get 67% Discount

If you’ve already bought web hosting from iPage, then you can skip this step and proceed with the other features and how to make the most out of your iPage web hosting account. This section is all about an exclusive offer that is ending very soon.

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iPage Renewal Pricing

As mentioned, iPage initially offers discounts and massive promotions to get more loyal clients. These discounts are really awesome and let you get started for almost nothing much paid in advance. This is really great for those who are willing to start an online business without paying much money in the beginning.

By the time, your renewal date comes up and it’s time to renew your web hosting plan. iPage is not offering any additional discounts on renewal pricing. Like I said this is very very fair. Yet, it also has got a workaround to get as many discounts as possible even for the renewals.

Yes, you can get more discounts on the iPage renewal pricing. This massive 67% discount is applicable only in the first term, not the first year. This first term could be a year, two years, three years, or five years. You’ve got it!

Basically, I mean that you can invest ahead for additional years to get better discounts. This will give you a long duration to get your project up, running, and profitable. After that, it will be very fine to renew on the regular rate since you’re already profiting from your online business.

iPage Cost After First Year

iPage Cheapest Web Hosting

A good investment here will be to sign-up for as many years as possible upfront (example; 3 years). This will give you better discount rates. Furthermore, You will get a free domain name included for that number of years you’ll sign up for.

For me, I would say the prices are quite reasonable and affordable. Please take in mind that you’re purchasing a web hosting from a leading web hosting provider. iPage has been around for over 15 years providing quality services for their clients.

Here, I’m breaking it down for you even more. I’m giving you the exact amounts you’ll pay for both; the introductory pricing and the renewal pricing. Lets getting started and see how much you’ll be charged for your iPage web hosting account.

12 Month Term:

  • Introductory Price: $2.99/month
  • Renewal Price: $9.99/month

24 Month Term:

  • Introductory Price: $2.49/month
  • Renewal Price: $8.99/month

36 Month Term:

  • Introductory Price: $1.99/month
  • Renewal Price: $7.99/month

My suggestion and every-time recommendation are to opt-in for the maximum savings possible. This will lead us to the 36-month term. But if you’re not sure about your brand-new idea, it’s also wise not to waste much money and only opt-in for a year-long.

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iPage Domain Renewal Cost

A domain name is billed annually. It’s not a service for a one-time fee. A recurring fee is involved in getting a domain name on the internet as per ICANN. So what does the BlueHost domain renewal cost?

Yes, iPage is offering a free domain name but it’s a bonus for the first billing cycle only. Then, the BlueHost domain renewal cost will be $15 per year. This is the domain recurring renewal cost every year. For me, It’s quite reasonable.

Within the same price range, I can get my domain renewed with other domain providers. So the iPage domain renewal cost is very good and affordable in comparison to the industry’s standard prices. Also, it’s important to note that the domain name fees are not refundable.

The iPage free domain forever concept doesn’t even exist. You won’t get a free domain forever with any other provider even if they’re offering a first-year free domain name. Yes, The hosting package already includes a free domain name registration for you.

iPage Renewal Pricing

I tried my best to give you as many details about the iPage renewal pricing after the first year. iPage is giving you exclusive promotions and discounts on the first term. This term doesn’t necessarily have to be a one-year term. Instead, you can opt-in for up to 3 years term.

That was it all about the iPage renewal pricing. Let me know in the comments section below your feedback. And don’t forget to share this article with those who may find it useful. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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