How Much Traffic Can HostGator Handle?

You may be considering HostGator to host your website. But maybe you’re a bit concerned about how much traffic can HostGator handle for your web hosting account.

That’s very normal! And it’s important to understand and be assured that this hosting will suffice your requirements. HostGator has been around for a long while offering reputable web hosting services.

While hosting over 9 million domains, HostGator have been always up to the standards. They’re maintaining a top-notch web hosting experience for their clients with a perfect uptime.

In this article, we’re explaining this further; how much traffic can HostGator hosting handle for your website. Please read along and let us know for any questions in the comments section below.

First: Sign Up For HostGator Web Hosting

Before going any further, Have you signed up for a HostGator web hosting account? If yes, you can skip this part and scroll down for the articles takeaways and HostGator servers locations.

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HostGator is offering a wide range of web hosting services. If you’re just getting started, I would recommend grabbing a shared hosting plan. The baby plan suits me very well and allows me to host unlimited domains.

How Much Traffic Can HostGator Handle

Practically speaking, HostGator doesn’t limit your web hosting account with a number of visitors. There are no certain limitations on your hosting account. However, your account is limited to the CPU and RAM available to the server.

While you can receive any number of visitors to your website, each hosting account is given a definite server resources limit; RAM and CPU. If the server resources have been drained, your website will be affected.

Each website is different. And Visitor’s sessions and navigations on a website differ as well. It’s hard to give you specific numbers. But it’s very important to have an efficiently coded website. The better the code, the fewer resources your website will utilize.

By utilizing fewer server resources, your website will be able to handle a large number of visitors easily. Poorly or inefficiently coded websites may only sustain a few simultaneous visitors.

HostGator Benchmarks:

According to HostGator, they’ve run benchmarks on their hosting packages. HostGator is able to make the following recommendations based on how many visitors you receive:

  • Shared Hosting: 7k to 8k visitors per day
  • Optimized WordPress Plans: 25k to 300k per month
  • Dedicated Servers: 30k to 35k per day

Please take note of the HostGator Disclaimer; These are estimates based on average CPU usage during a full day and may not be representative of sites with higher resource usage per user, accounts with multiple sites, or accounts with traffic condensed into a very small period of time.

Unexpected Traffic Spikes:

For some reason, your website may receive unexpected traffic spikes. If you’re just getting started, these spikes in most cases are related to spamming attempts. Here, you should make sure your website is perfectly optimized and secured to handle such bad traffic.

We’ve been using HostGator for a couple of websites and blogs. The performance has been great over the years. We’ve been always using the WordPress content management system along with a set of plugins such as:

The LiteSpeed Caching plugin will ensure utilizing fewer resources to handle WordPress requests. WordFence security is important for securing your website against attacks. ReCaptcha works against spammy forms submissions.

It’s important to know that shared hosting means shared server resources. If your traffic spikes too high or for too long, you can exceed your resource limitations. Accordingly, your HostGator hosting account will be suspended.

Unlimited Bandwidth?

Yes, HostGator advertises unlimited disk space and bandwidth on their shared hosting plans. When companies say unlimited, this means they do not meter or limit your website traffic. Yet, it’s all subjected to the assigned server resources and it’s important to keep resources equally shared on the server.

Basic speaking, unlimited does not mean infinite. The fair usage is based on how much CPU you can use at one time, how many CPU processes you can have open at one time, how many emails you can send out in an hour, ..etc.

According to our personal experience, the HostGator hosting platform has been great. Handling traffic was super awesome. With the necessary optimizations, we didn’t have to upgrade or ask for more resources assigned.


If you’re just getting started, don’t stop yourself and make the move to have a website right today. You will not experience such hikes or high usage demands unless you have a website or a blog that receives thousands of visitors every single day.

That was it about how much traffic can HostGator handle for your website. Let us know your experience or any questions in the comments section down below. And the best thing is that you can pay month by month for HostGator web hosting services. This will let you give it a trial for the most affordable budget ever!

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