What is a Good Ping Time? (Quick Review)

Today, many gamers and enthusiasts are arguing on what’s considered to be a better ping time. In this article, I’m reviewing it all about what is a good ping time.

Ping time could be slow or fast. Gamers usually blame the ping time for failed missions in online games. Before considering the ping time or blaming it, It’s important to understand what the “ping” really is.

In this article today, we’re explaining it all in simple words. It will be more clear for gamers and even beginners to understand how it works and why it may affect the online performance.

What is Ping Time?

what is ping time

The ping represents how fast your connection is getting a response back after sending a request. Nowadays, all pings happen so fast. And to be more specific, Ping Time is measured in milliseconds.

Ping time is indeed affecting by many factors related to your internet connection. Most Importantly, we should explain what download and upload speed is to give you a bigger image.

Download means how fast you “download” data from the servers you are connected to. Contrary, Upload is how quickly you are sending data to internet servers.

Now there are several cases where you can experience a slow ping. Mostly it depends on how old is the gear you are using. Here are a few reasons why you’re experiencing a slow ping time:

  • Wireless Connection.
  • Old Computers.
  • Weak Internet Connection Ports.
  • Poor Internet Provider.
  • & many more!

What is a Good Ping Time for Internet?

There are many resources today where you can measure your broadband ping time. If you’re a hardcore gamer, it’s essential for you to know your exact ping time. Here are a few websites to use:

There are a lot of questions and debate on the internet communities on what is a good ping. Ideally, you’re aiming at 50 to 100 ms range. Anything above that range like; 200, 500 or 1200 is indeed a terrible ping time.

The longer the number, the worst your online gaming performance will be. Moreover, many frustrations and screen glitches will appear. All these distractions are enough to ruin your online gaming experience.

It’s crucial that you check your broadband speed as we’ve mentioned above. This will give you a better idea on what could be the reason for the bad ping time you’re getting and how to enhance it.

Broadband Ping Response Time:

The internet and broadband companies around the world are making their best to provide a better speed for their users. While many efforts could be done, it widely varies based on many factors.

Some counties have fast connections and some other countries have a slower speed. It varies according to the country’s internet infrastructure.

Technologies are improving so fast. Internet Infrastructures are getting better around the world. The more users join the internet, the better ping times users will receive since providers will offer better solutions.

From the ocean’s cables to today’s smart antennas, stations, and satellite communication technologies, the internet is getting better and faster. Generally speaking, We should not worry about what is a good ping response time.


As long as you’re within the range of 50 to 100 ms range, you’re perfectly fine. And this range is considered to be a good ping time. Anything exceeding that range could be considered as slow ping response time.

That was it all about ping time. Feel free to let us know for any questions or concerns. I’ll be very happy to assist further. And don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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