GoDaddy Search Engine Visibility Review

GoDaddy is offering the search engine visibility as an addon to their web hosting services? The question is as follows: does it really worth opting in for this additional service? The short answer is No!

From the first look, it seems like this addon will give you extra features. You may think that GoDaddy will feature your site and make it stand out among the crowd with perfect results.

Unfortunately, this is not correct. GoDaddy search engine visibility is won’t even affect your website rankings and organic results. Why? Because SEO requires more work to be done than just opting in for a service like this!

In this article, we’re reviewing this service add-on from GoDaddy. And we’re showing you the benefits and disadvantages of your site and whether you should buy this service or not.

GoDaddy Seach Engine Visibility:

The service doesn’t have anything good to do for your website SEO these days. Basically, the add-on is just helping you to set a few values and texts to your website code as follows:

  • Titles & Meta Tags
  • Creating a Sitemap
  • Search Engine Submissions

And the fact is that these few services could be done easily by yourself. Within a few minutes, you can manually submit your site to search engines. Within more minutes, you can add titles, meta tags, and a sitemap to your website.

Furthermore, submitting a website to hundreds of search engines & directories is very spammy nowadays. This can significantly hurt your website rankings and the domain reputation.

Getting noticed is not happening overnight by spamming the web with your site URL. To get noticed, You need to do a lot more work;  content creation, keyword optimization, and competition analysis.

What Should I Do?

Our recommendation is to use your time to do what’s necessary at the beginning. Be assured that the GoDaddy search engine visibility has nothing good for your site.

Google has got a great search console to submit your sitemap manually. And if you’re using WordPress, make sure to install Yoast SEO plugin to manage titles and meta descriptions.

Here’s your to-do list:

  • Use Google Search Console.
  • Use Google Analytics.
  • Install Yoast SEO on WordPress.
  • Educate yourself!

The new version of the Google search console comes with advanced tools. It allows you to see how your website performs and the keywords people use to visit your website.

Again, you don’t need to buy this extra service. Just opt-out from it and rest assured that you can do even better work for your website manually.

Is it Worth Paying for Search Engine Visibility?


No, GoDaddy search engine visibility is a complete waste of money. Furthermore, it may come with additional bad results than any good things for your website. The service is a mix of automated services that could be easily done by yourself.

You may think that you want to get this automated instead of wasting your time! But the truth is that all the work is better to be done manually as automated submissions raise the spam flags on your website.

GoDaddy is indeed the world’s largest domain registrar. They’re also offering great web hosting services. GoDaddy is the ultimate choice when it comes to domains and hosting. But not the SEO automated work!

One more thing; Keep in mind that nothing guarantees you better rankings or any search engine visibility. It’s all based on Google Algorithms. It’s always wise to avoid automation and do things manually.


GoDaddy is a great host. And you don’t need to pay extra for a service that doesn’t bring any good for your website. Yet, you will need to research and do your homework as this is our own experience with the service and what we’ve found so far.

That was it all about whether you should pay for GoDaddy search engine visibility or no. Thanks for reading! Please let us know in the comments if you’ve got any questions or inquiries.

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