31+ Cheapest Domain Extensions (Shortlisted)

I see you’re searching for the cheapest domain extensions. Well, most of the common domain names like; .com, .net, .org will cost around $10 each year. But are there any other cheaper domain extensions?

The answer is YES! there are less common cheaper domain name extensions. They cost way less than the above-mentioned top-level domain names.

In this article, I’m covering the cheapest domain extensions. Furthermore, I will give a quick tip on how to register free domain names (Completely Free). Just follow a long..

Cheapest Domain Extensions

Recently, the ICANN approved a huge list of new gTLDs such as; .cheap, .club, .review and many others. Potentially, there are over a thousand domain extensions available today.

Here, I will compile an exclusive list for the cheapest domain names. Most of these domain names are on promotions and sale for the first year only. After the first year, price will go up to the regular price.

For me, It’s a great chance to register a cheap domain name with low initial investment to launch a new project. If it worked, I would be very happy to renew the domain. If it didn’t work, then I didn’t loose much money in the beginning. That’s a great idea if you’re on a budget.

As a quick disclaimer, I’ve been using NameSilo and NameCheap for a long time. And the following cheapest domain extensions are all based on those two registrars.

1# .Review:

A great domain extension. It works great for review blogs and services comparison websites. I see a huge potential on that domain extension. It’s trading at special rates below $2 for the first year.

2# .Club:

Another great domain extension. It’s a great one for blogs, online communities and forums. This has been used significantly over the past few months with a great success. You can get your .club domain name for as low as $1 for the first year.

3# .Trade:

This extension has gained a significant popularity. This domain extensions could be used for Forex and Bitcoin trading ventures. The prices are significantly low with a super-cheap renewal cost.

4# .Win:

Another great cheapest domain extension. It works perfectly for any niche website. The registration price is significantly cheap with a good renewal cost.

5# .Bid:

While this domain is directed towards eCommerce niches, It sells good too. The domain extension will work very good for bidding communities and eCommerce marketplaces.

6# .Stream:

It’s a bit long domain name, Yet it’s another good extension that works nearly for everything. I’ve recently used it for a couple of my tight niche websites. The registration cost if below $1 for the first year.

7# .Science:

Here is another good domain for science-related websites. For me, I don’t usually prefer to go for a limited domain name. But .Science is still a hot domain name that sells at a massive discount.

8# .Date:

This is a bit specialized domain extensions that works perfectly for dating websites. I’m not if it will sound great to use the domain for other niches. But still, it has a great pricing.

9# .Loan:

I’ve seen a couple of blogs using this domain extension. It works great for debit and loaning niche websites. It’s trading at a massive discount for the registrations and renewals.

10# .Party:

A nice domain name which works awesomely for communities and online gatherings. It may also sound great for events, parties or music bands. The registration price is below $2 a year.

Additional Cheap Domain Extensions:

In addition to the above list, Here I’m compiling an additional bonus list for other cheap domain extensions that are trading at massive discounts. Check the list below:

  • .Webcam
  • .Men
  • .Racing
  • .Download
  • .Cricket
  • .Accountant
  • .XYZ
  • .Faith
  • .Space
  • .Top
  • .Fun
  • .Space
  • .Website
  • .Email
  • .Exposed
  • .Futbol
  • .FYI
  • .Group
  • .Ninja
  • .Irish
  • .Company

Go to NameSilo.com – Go to NameCheap.com

Free Domain Names:

After you’ve got to see the complete list of the cheapest domain extensions, It’s time to see how to register a free domain name. One of the most popular free domain extensions is .tk.

For me, I won’t recommend working on a free domain name. Because basically, it might be ripped off from me if it became popular one day.

Furthermore, these .tk domain names have been widely used by spammers and online phishers. Thus, the reputation of such domain extension is extremely low. They’re not trusted.

Accordingly, I would only recommend using free domain names for testing purposes. You still can use for a staging environment of your website (somewhere to test changes before being applied to your website).

It also might be great for a little hobby blog or a small website. But if you’re after building a brandname, It’s always wise to grab your own premium domain name from a reputable registrar.


I’ve been using domain extensions for a long time building websites for me and my clients. Based on my own experience, I would strongly recommend investing in premium domain names.

The new gTLD extensions works great too. Furthermore, I believe they will have a great future very soon. So investing in such domains today may bring you great opportunities in the future. Who knows!

Overall, that was my list for the cheapest domain extensions. Please let me know in the comments below shall you have got any questions or inquiries. I would love to hear back from you.

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