7 Best SiteGround Hosting Alternatives

7 Best SiteGround Web Hostijng Alternatives #SiteGround #Hosting #WordPress #CPUSeconds

SiteGroud has been widely known across the internet over the past few years. But popular is not always perfect. In this article, I will show you the best SiteGround hosting alternatives. The company rapidly became one of the most popular WordPress hosting providers. Furthermore, I’ve been reading so many positive reviews about their service quality … Read more

Where Are HostGator Servers Located?

Where Are HostGator Servers Located? (Quick)

HostGator has been one of the most successful web hosting providers. Many people ask about where are HostGator servers located. We’re discussing this further along with their data center’s information. If you’re looking forward to starting a website on the internet, you will definitely need a web hosting account. This is exactly what HostGator provides; … Read more

37+ Web Hosting Industry Statistics (Updated)

37+ Web Hosting Industry Statistics (Updated)

The web hosting universe is a rapidly growing. It’s becoming among the top industries nowadays.  In this article, We are assembling a complete detailed review of the web hosting industry statistics. Web Hosting Industry Statistics: Below, you will find over 37 interesting, yet shocking, web hosting industry statistics with continuous updates. I’m talking about many … Read more

iPage WP Essential Hosting Plan Review (+75% OFF)

iPage WP Essential Hosting Plan Review (+ Discount)

iPage is a reputable web hosting provider. It’s one of the widely popular web hosts in the globe. They’ve been serving over 1 million websites for customers. But how about the iPage WP Essential hosting plan review? The company has been founded in 1998 (over 2 decades ago). Now, the iPage is operating as an … Read more

3 Best Web Hosting Sites for Mac Users

Mac computers are highly durable, very-well designed, and definitely worth every penny. Mac users are always expecting a top-notch experience when it comes to computers and technology. If you’re running a website or having an online business, you definitely need to use a web host that understands your expectations. And is compatible with your Mac … Read more

DreamHost Let’s Encrypt: How To Install Free SSL?

DreamHost Let's Encrypt: How To Install Free SSL?

Installing an SSL certificate on your website is indeed necessary nowadays. Furthermore, it became a ranking factor in Google and search engines. We’re reviewing how to use DreamHost Let’s Encrypt for SSL certificate. This article explains a way to set up a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on your DreamHost website. DreamHost is providing its … Read more