What Does x86 Mean? (x86 Vs x64 Comparison)

If you have spent even a moderate amount of time near computers, you might have come across the terms “x86” and “X64”. In this article, we’re reviewing the difference between both and which is better for computer performance. If you aren’t well-versed in computer science, trying to find a reasonably easy-to-understand definition is also quite … Read more

7 Best Influential Web Hosting Forums

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How To Check Website If Static or Dynamic?

How To Check Website If Static or Dynamic?

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GoDaddy Search Engine Visibility Review

GoDaddy Search Engine Visibility Review (Quick)

GoDaddy is offering the search engine visibility as an addon to their web hosting services? The question is as follows: does it really worth opting in for this additional service? The short answer is No! From the first look, it seems like this addon will give you extra features. You may think that GoDaddy will … Read more