What is DomainControl.com? (Quick Review)

The internet is like a vast ocean. It has tons of websites with different addresses and domain names. Back in the old days, we used to use phone books to manually find someone’s name and phone number.

It’s exactly like the internet today and is pretty similar to a phone book. This internet phone book is called a Domain Name System or DNS for short. Using these values, people can find businesses and each other online.

In this article, we’re going through the process of finding addresses on the internet. And how the overall system works. Let’s get it started by understanding first; what is the DNS system and what the IP address stands for.

What is Internet Protocol?

 Instead of using names, the DNS uses IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. If you notice, IP addresses come out as numbers. This is how it looks like (e.g. or

The IP address is found in every computer or device. The domain name is connected to an IP address to pull the data from a server. For example, the internet or connection network uses the IP address to connect all the devices to one network.

What is DomainControl.com?

So DomainControl.com is a domain name owned by GoDaddy and is used as a name server. It is considered a very popular name server and considered a default for customers of GoDaddy. If you don’t know what it looks like, here’s an example (e.g. ns35.domaincontrol.com)

Before we continue with what DomainControl.com is, here’s a brief of what GoDaddy actually is? It is a website that serves customers with domain names, web hosting, websites, and professional emails. It would be better to check out GoDaddy.com itself.

How DomainControl.com works?

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Basically, DomainControl serves the nameservers for websites to help the browser finds the server and display the website. It’s exactly the process used on visiting a website on the internet. Here are the simplified steps:

  • The browser receives the website URL name
  • The browser uses the (DNS) to find the website nameservers.
  • The nameservers lead to the server IP Address.
  • The website displays itself on the browser.

When the browser learns the server’s IP address, It uses it to fetch and display the website. A request for the IP will be sent to the server and the website will be pulled and brought to you inside the browser.

Without the NS of a website, the browser would struggle to find the IP address and would find similar websites and probably send the wrong one to you.

Although domaincontrol.com isn’t used in all NS, it is considered an example as an NS for other websites.


In short, DomainControl.com is an NS (name server) owned by GoDaddy which is used by customers for their websites. It is stored in the DNS (Domain Name System) of the network and makes it easier for the browser to bring the website to you.

It is only used by GoDaddy since other providers have their own name server with other domains other than DomainControl.com. Kindly note that NS and DNS are two different things. NS provides the IP of the website to the browser and DNS is the directory to find the NS needed.

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  1. godaddy are regular brokerage pirates parking merged domains with registrars like domain.com for further pirate profit

    1. Vlad,
      I am so confused….my site went down and Go Daddy claims Google is hosting; rude representatives who then try to sell me a site. I finally figured this out that Domaincontrol.com is hosting the site and it belongs to GoDaddy……I am so upset as my content has not been live since December and it’s affected my business severely

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