37+ Web Hosting Industry Statistics (Updated)

The web hosting universe is a rapidly growing. It’s becoming among the top industries nowadays.  In this article, We are assembling a complete detailed review of the web hosting industry statistics.

Web Hosting Industry Statistics:

Below, you will find over 37 interesting, yet shocking, web hosting industry statistics with continuous updates. I’m talking about many topics; WordPress, eCommerce, Mobile Users, ..etc.

Let’s see how the internet is growing and witness these shocking numbers and statistics. Please make sure to leave your thoughts on this in the comments below.

Content Management System:

WordPress - Web Hosting Industry Statistics

In general, WordPress is considered to be the most popular content management system. It empowers around 30% of the internet websites with a huge growing potential. Experts are expecting that WordPress blogs will exceed 100 million WordPress websites very soon.

Furthermore, Many web hosting companies started to launch WordPress-optimized services. These are regular web hosting services with extra server resources and a specific server setup. Their ultimate goal here is to boost WP sites speed.

Some of these companies are; BlueHost, WPX Hosting, and FastComet. These particular companies have been doing massive technical changes to better serve WordPress sites. Many customer’s are happily using their WordPress-optimized servers.

Who’s hosting WordPress? Well, major websites and online blogs have been using WordPress for a long time. Some of these sites are; Facebook Blog, Newyork Times and Forbes.

Joomla is the top second content management system. And it’s being widely support by many web hosting companies and service providers across the globe.

Hosting & Domain Market Share:

As at August 2017, there are 1.24 billion websites in the world. GoDaddy is having a strong web hosting market size with impressive ~ 21% of the online hosted websites.

The second most giant web hosting provider is Amazon with another strong market share according to the web hosting market analysis.

With over 300 million registered domain names, GoDaddy is managing over 60 million domains under their belt. This alone makes them an internet provider giant with a great share of the pie.

OVH hosting service is the third on the list with up to 5% total market share. Other biggest hosting companies like; BlueHost, HostGator and iPage are still performing very well in Shared hosting offerings though.

And as a quick note, About 38.8 percent of all domain names use the leading .com domain name extension. While many gTLDs has been offered in the market, People still prefer .com domains over other extensions.

Overall, the web hosting industry growth is increasing significantly each year. More people are starting websites each day with a huge demand for decent web hosting services.

Slow Websites:

Recently, Google has clearly announced that the page loading speed is a very important ranking factor. Basically, If your site is taking longer than 3 seconds to load, users will abandon your website and may never come back.

So It should be a priority to speed up your website loading and enhance its performance. Google won’t consider your website in SERP or may give you poor rankings just due to this!

When you work on improving site speed, More visitors will come your way. Accordingly, your conversion rate will be even better with more ROI.

Internet Users Statistics:

There are ~ 3.75 billion Internet users in the world. And it’s very interesting to know the following facts:

  • Asia counts for over 50% of the internet population.
  • China alone counts for around 25% of the internet users.
  • India is the second highest number of internest users (by country).

Up to March 2017, There is a significant growth in internet users numbers in countries like Bangladesh (66%), Nigeria (46%) and Vietnam (24%).

India is a strange case in the story! While it has a population of 1.3 billion, Only ~ 35% are connected to the internet. Furthermore, 70% of connected users are having a Facebook account.

New Domain Extensions:

Since the internet dawn, we used to hear about domain names with certain extensions; .com, .net, .org, .co.uk, .us, .gov, .co, ..etc). Now, you’ve got access to register domains with hundreds of different extensions!

That’s true! Today, You can register domain names like; .club, .stream, .top, .xyz, .cheap, .recipes and many more. These new extensions are having a huge potential to serve highly specialized niche sites and eCommerce stores.

Internet Traffic; Humans?

Internet traffic volume is rapidly growing and it’s currently setting at around 1 Zettabyte. This is exactly equal to one sextillion bytes.

But the question; does all these numbers represent real humans? The answer is absolutely not. A pecentage of 56% of all that traffic is fake and is actually generated from autmated bots.

There are many hacking and spammy tools that actually helps generating fake traffic numbers. That being said, Only 46% of the internet traffic is seriously coming from humans.

Mobile Users:

In a quick comparison between desktop internet and mobile users, the last wins with an unexpected percentage. Mobile internet users count for almost 52% of the internet users. The remaining 48% traffic counts for desktop users as for end-2016.

Google has responded to these rates very well. They’ve put Mobile First Index as one of the strong ranking factors. Basically, Google would prefer to rank a mobile-optimized page over a non mobile-optimized one even for desktop users.

Yes, It’s pretty straight-forward. Mobile internet users are growing in size. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence will help make it way easier for mobile users to find relevant information.

Over 90% of the UAE people use their smartphones to access the internet. Singapore sets at 88% and Saudi Arabia at 86%. Mobile users in the United States count for 57% of all US-based internet users.

By 2020, it is expected that 68% of internet traffic will happen through mobile devices.

Search Engines:

Google alone counts for 80% of all searches that are happening on the internet. The ramaining 20% percentage does go to Bing and Yahoo combined.

That being said, Google is still on the top with billions of daily search quires. Furthermore, Google is paying Apple a good chunk of money each year to keep being the default search engine on Apple devices.

Let me add the following interesting fact: Google is the world’s most visited website, followed by Youtube and Facebook. Baidu (the chinese search engine) is the world’s fourth most visited website.

Internet Browsers:

Google Chrome is in the lead and it’s almost taking a huge market share with over 75% dominance. As for the remaining percentage, it goes as follows:

  • #2. Firefox with 13.6%.
  • #3 IE with 4.6%.
  • #4 Safari with 3.7%.
  • #5 Opera with 1.1%.

Chrome has been very popular with a great extensions store. Many apps have been specifically developed for Chrome that will indeed make browser’s life easier on the internet.

eCommerce Industry:

$2 trillion USD are coming exclusively from the eCommerce industry. These web hosting industry statistics are to grow larger in size within the upcoming few years.

Thanks to social media and eCommerce platforms, It became easy and straight-forward to start an online store. You could potentially start selling your products online in a few minutes.

There is an generate estimate that people tends to spend 5 hours searching for products to buy online. Furthermore, 8 out of 10 consumers will shop online if offered free shipping.


These were all facts and market trends. If you’re running a website, you should keep attention to the industry changes. By doing that, you’re putting yourself into the light with better conversion rates.

The web hosting industry statistics are rapidly growing. It’s important to continuously update your site to keep it up to date with the happening improvements.

Here are some important points to cover:

  • Use a Decent Web Host.
  • Mobile-Friendly Website.
  • Optimize Page Speed (Below 3 Seconds).
  • Blogging (and try to rank).
  • Doing SEO.

That was all for the web hosting industry statistics. Please let me know in the comments below shall you’ve got any questions or inquiries. I would love to help you further. Also, don’t forget to share these shocking facts with everyone on social media.

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