How To Check Website If Static or Dynamic?

You definitely have heard differently about the static and dynamic websites. Many people ask this specific question without even knowing what this means. We will tell you how to check website if static or dynamic.

A Static Website means something that is fixed or simple with no much complexities. This also means that the result is static whatever the variables are. Basically, a static webpage has nothing to change or update on accessing it.

On the other side, A Dynamic Website is an updated one. The result is different based on the given variables. Instead of being a simple informational site, dynamic websites are more complex with different results.

In this article, we’re simplifying both definitions. And also, we’re showing you how to check if a website is dynamic or static depending on the technicality and the coding associated.

Static Vs Dynamic Website:

Static Vs Dynamic Website

Websites today are of two different types; Static or Dynamic. While the dynamic websites are the most common nowadays, some people are still using the old out-dated static websites.

Thanks to WordPress and other content management systems, creating a dynamic website has been way easier than it was before. A dynamic website means an application where you have a dashboard to edit content. In most cases, you won’t need to hassle with code to update your web pages.

Difference Between Static & Dynamic:

Static websites are hard-coded into HTML format. In order to update content or change something, you will need to open the HTML files in web editors and re-upload the updated files again.

Dynamic websites are offering different levels of interactions with visitors. For example, handling registrations and member logins cannot be done using static HTML web pages.

All in all, Statis websites are very easy to create and very hard to maintain. Dynamic websites became easier to create and pretty easier to maintain and keep updated.

What is Static Website Hosting?

Static websites are always limited to a number of pages. For example, a company’s website may require five different pages in the same layout; home, about, services, projects, contact.

For this example company, a static HTML website is very sufficient and will do the job. This website will be built on HTML coding along with styling in CSS on a code editor like NotPad++.

As for web hosting, most web hosting providers support HTML and CSS. You can easily opt-in for a basic shared hosting account. Here a few providers we always recommend:

These web hosting providers are featuring and initiative control panel with easy features. One of the features is the File Manager which allows you to upload and alter files on the go. This is great and easy, unlike FTP uploading.

These web hosting providers also featuring a static website builder. This is a great builder helps you build a great website for your business in a few minutes.

With the given website builder, all you need to do is to choose a template and proceed with customizing it for you. It’s all drag and drop without any coding or experience required.

How is Dynamic Website Being Created?

From its name, Dynamic website is a functional asset that allows interactions with visitors. Statis HTML code is enough for informational pages. Dynamic websites serve a lot like; registration, login, surveys, payments, ..etc.

PHP is the popular web programming language for dynamic websites. The language has got different functions and variables to serve different requests per each client.

To generate dynamic content, such websites use a combination of server-side and client-side scripting. Client-side scripting refers to code that is executed by the browser. Meanwhile, server-side scripting refers to code that is executed by the server (before the content is sent to the user’s browser).

Nowadays, the majority of website owners and developers are using WordPress and other content management systems to create their dynamic websites. WordPress alone is shaping over 30% of internet websites.

How To Check Website If Static or Dynamic?

How To tell if website is static or dynamic

At that point, you should have got a clear idea about both static and dynamic website structure. There are many tools to tell you about coding used in a site.

There is no available checker to tell whether static or dynamic. After all, both websites may depend on the same coding languages such as CSS, Javascript, Jquery, and HTML.

With that being said, it’s all about understanding how both websites work. If the site if informational without a control panel to manage, most likely it’s a static website.

If the website handles forms and user interactions, it will be a dynamic website with a server-side programming language such as; ASP, PHP, JavaScript, ..etc.


A dynamic website generates the content and displays it based on what actions the users make on the page. The preferences of the user alter what is displayed to them.

If you’re studying or understanding web development, this article should be a very good start. And it’s very good to get started building an HTML static website before jumping in server-side programming; like PHP.

That was all about the difference between static and dynamic websites. That was how to tell if a website is static or dynamic. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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