7 Best SiteGround Hosting Alternatives

SiteGroud has been widely known across the internet over the past few years. But popular is not always perfect. In this article, I will show you the best SiteGround hosting alternatives.

The company rapidly became one of the most popular WordPress hosting providers. Furthermore, I’ve been reading so many positive reviews about their service quality and uptime.

And I decided to give it a shot myself. Touching wood, their service is awesome. Their caching technology helps very much at keeping my site as fast as Google expects. Their support is awesome & always on time.

One thing to mention here; there is a particular limitation with their web hosting service. SiteGround basically limits how much traffic your website can handle on a monthly basis.

SiteGround Problem; CPU Seconds

SiteGround is offering three main packages; StartUp, GrowBig, & GoGeek. While they’re all offering Unmetered Bandwidth, every package has what’s called CPU Seconds limitation.

This CPU Seconds limits the number of visitors your website can handle each month. On exceeding the assigned quota, your account will be throttled for that.

If you’re below 10k visits per month, you shouldn’t worry that much about it. But once your website grows big, you will definitely have to upgrade or find a decent alternative.

Here’s exactly what SiteGround says about it all: 

“A simple example of an execution is when a visitor opens your website and your index PHP file is loaded. This counts as one execution. The more visitors your website has, the more executions it will generate.

Please note that this is valid only for dynamically generated content. If you open a picture or an HTML page a new execution will not be generated on the server. Executions are counted for the following scripting languages – PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc.”

This basically means you’ll be having the unmetered bandwidth to upload images and videos to your website. But at the same time, your website hosting plan will be capped by a number of visits per month.

Best Alternatives to SiteGround Hosting:

Again this shouldn’t be a very big deal here if you’re below the threshold of 10k visits/month. But if you think your website will grow fast and you will definitely need additional resources, a decent alternative from the beginning will be the ultimate solution.

Here, I’m listing the best alternatives based on a personal real experience:


This company is featuring a superb web hosting performance. They’ve been known as the world’s #1 green energy web hosting provider. Who doesn’t want to save the planet?

GreenGeeks is featuring three main plans; Ecosite Starter, Ecosite Pro, Ecosite Premium. Starting at $3.95, they’re offering an ultimate service with unlimited features; StorageBandwidthEmails, and MySQL Databases.

They’ve recently announced the Wildcard SSL Certificate. This allows you to install a free SSL certificate on your website. Their platform supports PHP 7 along with SSD Drives and CloudFlare CDN.

Overall, GreenGeeks is a top-line provider with everything you might need to run a successful online brand. Their Pricing starts at $3.95 per month. And they’re willing to offer a Free Website Transfer.

Go To GreenGeeks.com


This is a great shared hosting provider. And it’s perfect for beginners as it offers BoldGrid WordPress Website Builder tool. This tool will help you to set up your WordPress website in no time.

They definitely will serve super-fast websites; thanks to their SSD Drives and Layered Caching infrastructure. Based on the global metrics, it will perform up to 200% faster than any other shared hosting provider.

They’re featuring three main packages. And their pricing starts at $2.95 /month (with up 57% off). Their packages come with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

Automatic Backups are being generated every 24 hours. Your data are kept off-site and it’s incredibly Free! Other companies may charge a hefty fee to keep and maintain off-site backups like this.

Go To InMotionHosting.com


Based on a real personal experience, I can assure you that this company is really one of the best! BlueHost is proudly serving over 2 million domain names and counting.

Their hosting platform is 100% Optimized and ready to run a super-fast WordPress site. BlueHost is a top brand that is indeed owned and operated by EIG (Endurance International Group).

The support is top-notch. And their service quality is beyond great. The only downside I’ve experienced was the Live Chat delay. I had to wait for a few minutes before someone picked up my support request.

The company is featuring three main shared hosting packages; BasicPlus and Prime. The Basic package is your ultimate option if you’re up to host a single domain. In case you wanted to host multiple domains, the Plus package would be even cost-effective.

Go To BlueHost.com

Other Alternatives to SiteGround:

The above list was for the top three SiteGround Hosting Alternatives. Here, let me go further and list additional providers that will also leverage up your online business performance.

These companies are also doing great. I’ve been using WPX Hosting for a heavy traffic website, and I’m really happy with the support and service quality. It’s highly recommended for medium & high traffic websites.


Now, which hosting provider should you choose. I understand your frustration. But a deep research and market reading are very important before determining which might be good for you.

My answer is: If you’re looking for an affordable solution to host an average traffic website, then pick InMotion Hosting or DreamHost. If you’re looking for the best performance, WPX Hosting will be the perfect fit.

These are all based on my own experience dealing with different hosting platforms. It happens to work either for my or a client’s website via the web host. And here, I’ve wrapped it up all to better determine which works better for you.

Do you have any experience with the above-mentioned hosts? if so, we would very much love to hear from you. Please let me know in the comments below if you require any additional assistance.

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  1. Siteground if you make two calculations you realize that it costs double if not the triple of the other providers. We as an agency used tophost vhosting and xlogic and the latter in my opinion is the best for what it offers, we also tried to move some domain to siteground but we went back.

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