NameSilo vs NameCheap: Who’s The Best? (Updated)

NameSilo vs NameCheap are both incredible domain name providers. Their support is incredibly helpful and fast. They both have been recognized as the cheapest domain name registrars on the market.

NameSilo is speialized in offering domain names at a low cost. They’ve been widely known for their awesome pricing structure. They don’t offer web hosting or any other services. Domain name registration is their main focus.

NameCheap has been there for a while offering high quality web services. Besides offering domain name registration, NameCheap is also offering Web Hosting, Servers & SSL Certificates.

Both companies are well-known and widely-considered in the market. In this article, I’m making a quick comparison to show you which one is of a better value.

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NameSilo vs NameCheap Comparison:

Here is the deal, I’ve been using both domain registrars for a few years now. In this article, I’m sharing my very honest experience along with a detailed comparison of NameSilo vs NameCheap.

Let’s move further and see the main differences between both companies. I’ll speifically give you a comparison on which one should you choose to register your domain name.

This is my honest unbiased comparison. I will cover many points like; pricing, features and support quality. I will give you my ultimate recommendation.

1. A Little Background:

NameCheap has been in business since 2000 offering high quality domain registration services. Later on, they’ve expanded their infrastructure to offering additiona services like; web hosting and SSL certificates.

Upon their own claims, NameCheap are managing over 5 million domain names under their belt. That’s a huge number, However; I’m not being impressed by numbers at all. Service quality & support are my main focus.

NameSilo is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar that was launched in 2010. Although they’re way younger than NameCheap, NameSilo is proudly managing over 1 million domain names under their belt.

Based on Customers reviews and feedbacks, NameSilo has been widely known for their cheap pricing structure. Their main focus is domain registration business. And this helps them to continually improve their service.

2. TLDs Available:

NameSilo is offering twie as more TLDs than NameCheap. Still, NameCheap has certain domain TLDs that NameSilo doesn’t offer. Overall, Most of the new gTLDs are widely supported by both providers

NameSilo offers more than twice as many TLD endings as NameCheap, but does not include every TLD ending that NameSilo vs NameCheap offers.

If you want a .ninja domain name, then you will not find that are NameCheap, only NameSilo. At the same time, if you want a .io or TLD then you can only find that at NameCheap.

3. Pricing:

NameSilo is cheaper for the most popular domain names like; .com, .net, .org. For other domain names like the new gTLDs, you may find NameCheap a bit cheaper with discounts and promos.

Both NameSilo vs NameCheap have many reviews on the internet. You will find a lot of praises for both providers. In here, I’m giving an honest comparison based on my hands-on experience.

The following table will give you a quick pricing comparison for both:


NameCheap NameSilo
.com Domain Name $10.69/year $8.99/year
.net Domain Name $12.88/year $9.99/year
.org Domain Name $12.48/year $9.89/year
TLDs Available 100+ 250+
Whois Privacy $2.88/year FREE
Web Hosting Yes No
Claim Discount Claim Discount

NameSilo is significantly cheaper. And it does worth more with the free Whois Privacy included (Valued at $2.88/year). Overall, I recommend NameSilo for cheaper pricing and renewals.

NameCheap could be a great option if you prefer to get hosting from there. With hosting, you will get a free domain name registration included (Valued at $10.69/year).

4. Technical Support:

Support is an essential factors on which provider to go with. Whether it’s a web hosting or just a domain name, you deserve to get the right support at a click of a button.

NameCheap has an excellent support. While they don’t provider phone support, they’re available 24/7 via the online live chat on their website.

NameSilo support is amazing too. They’re even willing to get their hands dirty and solve the issue for you. They’ve ticketing system and a 24/7 outstanding live chat support.

For domain name services, you won’t need the support that much. Once you get everything settled, you should be good to go.

5. Dashboard Interface:

All the domain registrars have a great, quick domain hunting tools. This should help you to take no time in finding the domain name you always wanted.

A simple-to-utilize dashboard is the most appealing component for any domain registrar. The checkout procedure of NameCheap is offering a smooth customer experience.

NameSilo vs NameCheap Dashboard

NameCheap also offers a fully-functional domain management tool. The UX is super awesome with a great feel and almost no bugs along the way.

On the otherside, NameSilo is also guaranteeing a great domain managing dashboard. While the UX looks like being developed in the 1990s, the functionality is great with everything you might need in place.

NameCheap vs NameSilo Dashboard

NameSilo offers an appealing domain search bar on their homepage. This facilitates your mission to find the perfect domain name for your business.

Who’s the best? NameSilo or NameCheap

To sum up the above comparison, NameSilo is the winner all the way!

While not offering the greatest user interface, NameSilo’s pricing is very competitive with free lifetime Whois privac. Technical support is great. And they offer many TLDs.

NameCheap could be a great option if you’re using them for web hosting. NameCheap pricing is fine but with many upsells along the way. And this may be confusing for newbies.

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I’ve been using both providers for a quite long time. Furthermore, I’ve even moved a few domains over to NameSilo. Overall, I do recommend NameSilo all the way.

  • Did you find NameSilo vs NameCheap comparison useful?
  • Which one are you going to use NameSilo or NameCheap?
  • Are you already happy with another provider?

Please let me know what do you think in the comments below. I would love to hear back from you. Also, let me know for questions or inquiries. I’m here to help.

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