NameCheap Vs Wix: Your Best Comparison (Quick)

In Short: NameCheap Vs Wix? Wix is a website builder tool that allows you to build your website online. And they’ve got a free plan as well to build your website for free! NameCheap is a more advanced option that provides you with server space (web hosting) and domain name. Then, you will need to design your website. NameCheap is much cheaper and much better when it comes to website quality. Yet, you still need to have some experience or hire a WordPress developer, for example. 

You may build your personal website with Wix or a professional website for your business. On the other side, NameCheap has been well-known as a domain registrar and a web hosting provider. In this article, we’re comparing NameCheap vs Wix as for features, services, & pricing.

Wix is very simple to use and the drag and drop option is usable. While Wix packages come at a monthly subscription, there is a free plan that allows you to easily build your website for free. You can use a subdomain or you can purchase your own domain for it.

On the other side, NameCheap is a domain registrar and a web hosting provider. Using NameCheap, you can get a domain name along with a web hosting account. For that, you may use website building software such as WordPress.

Head-to-Head Namecheap Vs Wix Hosting analysis explores key features such as efficiency, pricing, advantages, and other features. Our goal here is to help you decide which provider to go with, why, and what are the included costs and expected results with both.

NameCheap Vs Wix

Developers define NameCheap as a web provider that delivers web hosting services and domain registrations. NameCheap has got different server locations among the USA and Europe to deliver the best connectivity possible to your website. The company is reputable with dozens of positive feedbacks.

On the other side, Wix is described as “ is a web-based software platform that allows everyone to create a magnificent online presence using easy cloud-based resources. It is simpler than ever to build your beautiful website for free.

Using Wix, You don’t need to have any technical experience. Simply select a template, make changes, add images, video, text, and more, and get online immediately. Using NameCheap, you need to have some basics about WordPress CMS, or simply you can hire a website developer.

The expected website result is completely different for each service. Using WordPress on NameCheap could need some developer’s help or some experience, but you shall get a stunning result with full control over your website. Wix is so easy for beginners, yet the website result shall be average.


NameCheap has gained a large market share since its launch in 2000 as a leading registrar in fields certified by ICANN. NameCheap has equipped clients worldwide with over 4 million domain names.

While the central company of NameCheap is domain registration services, it offers additional services such as site storage, e-mail storage, encryption, and cloud computing. NameCheap is offering a wide range of services on top of the premium domain registration service.

Namecheap offers a strong domain name recommendation search engine. You can find that Namecheap isn’t as wide as its main rival when you visit this section. Namecheap has a quick live chat app, but telephone support services are not available.


  • Strong Support & Quick Response
  • Supports WordPress Software
  • Flexible with Influential Control Panel
  • High-End Website Design
  • More Cheaper


  • Needs Experience or Hiring a Developer
  • Limited Money-Back Policy

This is an uncluttered and streamlined platform unlike any web server, who is hidden down in the sidebar of all of your selections. You have instructional videos that direct you through the completion of the administration of tasks for all beginners.

You will not only appreciate the entire kit by sea but also make use of it at dirt-cheap rates. Although NameCheap does not provide consumers with telephone assistance, it has a live chat service in urgent matters.

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NameCheap Vs Wix has millions of customers around the globe on the pioneering cloud-based software site. Wix is regarded as industry customers as an amazing website designer with more than 70 design types, unparalleled simplicity, and fantastic ease of usage. This is ideal for virtually every position.

They have amazing graphic models for small corporations, hotels, retail retailers, and designers such as performers and photographers. They are designed for mobile devices, and one of the several applications on the Wix App Market is a spicy alternative.

For as long as you want, Wix is accessible free of charge. You have to pick one of their premium options, from “Combo” to “Company VIP,” with technical characteristics such as your own domain name or eCommerce. The best-personalized domain name ad-free plan costs $13 a month.


  • Excellent Templates
  • Flexible & Beginner-Friendly
  • Supports App Market
  • Automatic Site Backups


  • More Expensive
  • Templates cannot be changed easily
  • Slow Loading Speed

Wix utilizes the WYSIWYG drag and drops framework, which offers the complete power of your website and a prediction of your website in real-time. Wix lets you pick over 510 beautifully trendy HTML5-based models and a range of Flash designs that can be fully customized.

Through its official support platforms and specifically linked support products, Wix allows it a safe idea to lead you by clicking on almost everyone’s help/support buttons. Without missing all the personalization you did on your platform, there is no way to change models.

On the left and at the bottom pages of the website, Wix contains promotional icons if you choose the Free Package.

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NameCheap Vs Wix

Namecheap tries to make it simple and painless to create, host, and maintain domain names. It simply provides consumers with difficulty-free usage of their goods are functions such as domain name check, transfer, register new TLDs, and more. The company also offers; shared hosting, WordPress hosting, servers, and more.

On the other side, Wix allows creating an esthetically friendly and company site presence easy for consumers. The website builder tool of Wix has all consumer needs to create a good quality and fully customized free website. The GUI for novice users is incredibly simple and provides a large range of models.

That was it all about the difference between NameCheap Vs Wix. If you ask me, I will recommend choosing NameCheap for registering a web host and domain name. Once there, I can start learning a bit about WordPress to build my site or simply hire a developer to do it all.

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  1. Joshua Mahoney

    Hello, I have been researching how to host my own site online and have decided to use either Wix or Namecheap. This article answers a lot of my questions and addresses many of my “unknowns” that I have not be able to find articles on. Thank you!

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