How To Enable InMotion Hosting CDN? (+ CloudFlare)

The “CDN” abbreviation stands for “Content Delivery Network”. To be specific, it’s network software that processes websites through a number of servers for better loading speed and performance. In this article, we’re reviewing the InMotion Hosting CDN.

A network of information exchange or software delivery network is a database infrastructure through which the data of the website can be processed in a number of sites. Let’s presume you produce “name x” and offer it from the front of your store. Regardless of where the clients are, they must visit this shop to get it.

This is exactly how the “CDN works! Basically, the network is serving your website from different server locations around the world. And this is very very helpful in terms of caching, data availability, performance, loading time.

The website will be used by users from many different locations around the world. Thus, the CDN will decrease the burden on the server and potentially speed up your website loading times. Let’s dig deeper and see what is CDN and how InMotion Hosting CDN actually works.

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What is CDN?

The Content Delivery Network ( CDN) relates to a community of servers that operate together to distribute information efficiently to the Internet.

A CDN facilitates quick transfers of Internet material, including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, photos, and videos. CDN platforms are becoming more common and the overwhelming majority of Internet traffic is being handled by CDNs and traffic from essential websites such as Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon.

Although a CDN does not contain contents and can not compensate for the need for the right site hosting, it allows boosting cache quality at the grid edge. Many websites compete with conventional hosting providers to fulfill their efficiency criteria, which is why they prefer CDNs.

CDNs are a common option for alleviating some of the key pain points of standard web hosting, by using caching to minimize hosting latency, avoid service interruptions, and boost protection.

Why May You Need CDN?

A Content Distribution (CDN) network shortens the gap from the website user. The text (content) is interactive on most web sites, but most photos, JavaScript, and CSS are static. These static scripts and photos constitute a considerable proportion of the overall bytes that are accessed by a client for each page display.

Using a CDN, the user is nearest to the static text. This, in essence, lowers the visitor’s load time by a significant number. Though InMotion Hosting implies that the storage region and capacity of your hosting is infinite, this is usually true in files that are part of your web.

A CDN allows us to preserve the footprint on the website (in terms of web dimensions). It also helps minimize bandwidth utilization as the user who wants to visit your website will be able to access your files from CDN from a geographically similar venue.

Web Hosting Vs CDN

It’s very important to understand that web hosting and CDN are two different things. Here’s a quick comparison between a web host and CDN for better understanding:

  • Web Hosting: The server where your website is being hosted online. This is basically called the origin server or the origin home for your website. And this very necessary to have a website.
  • CDN: This is not necessary to have a website. But it is very recommended to use it. Basically, CDN is consistent with multiple servers in different locations. They’re holding your replicated website versions.

When you use a CDN, traffic will alternatively connect to your site via the server closest to them. Accordingly, your pages will load much quicker and could cause less pressure to your original web hosting server.

InMotion Hosting CDN


InMotion Hosting is offering its clients a free CDN access using Cloudflare. And Cloudflare is a third-party provider that offers website encryption and optimization. You need to create an account with Cloudflare to use it for your hosting service.

Before attempting the following directions for setting up your InMotion Hosting platform, please make sure that your account is active and up to date. You can learn how to set up Cloudflare on this website for more details.

  • In cPanel, Activate Cloudflare
  • Login to Cloudflare control panel
  • Head to the top menu & click “Websites”
  • You should see your website URL
  • Click “Continue Setup” and proceed
  • Change Domain Nameservers
  • You’re done!

Yes, you will need to update your domain nameservers in the domain registrar control panel. By doing this, you’re basically telling your domain to use the Cloudflare server to cache your website content. That was exactly how to setup Cloudflare CDN on InMotion Hosting for free.

Cloudflare is an immensely popular CDN answer for WordPress. Not only does it have over 120 data centers across the globe, but it’s also one of the few CDN companies that provide a free plan. This makes it a smart choice for web site owners who want a dependable answer that’s also easy to put into effect.

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Your Cloudflare account can now be well known. If you find these choices challenging, please contact Cloudflare Support to learn any of their functionality. Please leave a comment or contact the live support workers for DNS choices in your InMotion Hosting account.

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is easy and very affordable to get started with. Furthermore, InMotion Hosting is offering you different solutions to use a CDN. InMotion Hosting has got a Free Cloudflare option into your website hosting plan to use and enable easily.

That was it all about InMotion Hosting CDN. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve got any questions or inquiries. And don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media. Thanks for reading!

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