GoDaddy Economy Vs Deluxe: Which To Choose?

Looking forward to using GoDaddy, But wondering which plan to choose? In this article, we’re comparing GoDaddy Economy Vs Deluxe packages. We’re also comparing both packages in terms of service quality, loading speed, features, and pricing.

The web hosting business GoDaddy provides numerous web-hosting services for your website or your WordPress page. Yet, you’ll note variations you need to know from the start if you look closely. In his guide, we will also speak about the discrepancies between the hosting package for GoDaddy Economy Vs Deluxe.

If we compare both web hosting bundles, the only difference is the number of addon domains allowed. The GoDaddy Deluxe plan is the best if you plan to host more than one website (multiple installations). If you’re planning to host only one website, The Economy plan is your perfect bet.

Let’s get going and start the real comparison between both packages. This article may contain affiliate links. And our goal here is to help you choose the best web hosting plans based on your needs, requirements, and your goals.

GoDaddy Economy Vs Deluxe


Godaddy is one of the best web hosts on the market which offers secure and cost-effective hosting without problems. Godaddy is almost a two-decade-old business with origins in web hosting. GoDaddy has been well-known as a perfect domain registrar.

I remember that the first domain name I’ve ever purchased was from GoDaddy. I’m still using it for a couple of other domain names and website hosting. GoDaddy’s most popular web hosting plans are as follows; Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate plans.

GoDaddy gives its customers a broad spectrum of choices for adjusting their Web hosting requirements. They’re offering a wide range of web hosting plans. Their website and interface are making it super easy for newbie customers to start their very first website.

GoDaddy Economy Hosting

The GoDaddy Economy plan is the easiest and cost-effective solution to get your website launched soon. This package costs about $3 a month and host one website with 100 GB online storage and unrestricted bandwidth.

It is an inexpensive Internet hosting service for most beginners and individuals with a small budget, as the web hosting company likes to name. So basically, you don’t need to pay more money for a bigger web hosting plan if you’re intending to host only one website.

This web hosting plan will also give you a free business email for the first year of service. You can even get a free domain name registration once you order this plan’s annual subscription. The plan supports WordPress which you can easily use – as a beginner – to build a stunning website.

Furthermore, GoDaddy’s Economy package comes with the following features as well: Control Panel, FTP Access, Online File Manager, PHP Support, & MySQL Databases. You can also obtain this web hosting plan and pay monthly for it if you want to.

Where To Buy Domain Name Without Hosting?

Now, if you think about restrictions, then note that what GoDaddy provides enough storage space and bandwidth in these plans, the platform would never necessarily hit a high degree about hosting capacity and given resources. The costs of launching a blog, therefore, are reasonable relative to other web hosting companies.

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GoDaddy Deluxe Hosting

The Deluxe package is a kind of economic improvement and it gives something that. It costs only $5 a month and provides unrestricted disk storage and bandwidth. It also supports hosting multiple domain names on the same hosting plan.

This package offers free business e-mail for the first year, equivalent to the Economic Plan, which even includes a free domain name registration when a yearly membership is bought. This system is ideally adapted for people with several websites and low to moderate web traffic.

Unrestricted capacity and unrestricted connectivity guarantee you don’t run out of limits for your web. The Deluxe plan comes with; Control Panel, FTP Access, Online File Manager, PHP Support, MySQL Databases.

Unlike the Economy plan, the Deluxe package allows creating unlimited subdomains that look like; The subdomain availability gives your domain name and website extra arms for different niches you’re working on.¬†Also, it includes 25 MySQL databases with 1 GB of space each.

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Why Choose GoDaddy?

Both these plans come with cPanel hosting for Linux which has become the norm for the internet industry because of its robustness and rich feature set. On cPanel, you can conveniently locate all the required and essential web hosting software resources.

For more than 125 separate kinds of software applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc., Godaddy offers 1-click install solutions. Godaddy also offers 1 GB of disk capacity to house databases because databases need special storage for data management.

In order to address this nightmare, DDoS attacks and other security risks are a big concern for common website operators. Godaddy offers authentication and DDoS defense services to all the plans on a 24/7 basis.

These policies are also supported with one-click backup and restore solutions. Godaddy proposes the best package for safe data transfer through free SSL certificates. The plans support PHP 7.0 and PHP 7.1 enhanced assistance, as well.

GoDaddy Alternatives

Have you been thinking of checking GoDaddy alternatives? That will be so wise to check what other companies are offering for the same price tag. This will give you more flexibility and will let you choose your perfect web hosting provider for your website.

Let’s see a couple of alternatives below:

If you ask me, I will definitely recommend BlueHost as the #1 alternative for GoDaddy. For as low as $3.95 per month, you’ll get a decent website hosting plan with tons of features, and up to 5 email addresses @yourdomain. Furthermore, BlueHost offers a free domain name registration along with their plans.

On the other

GoDaddy Economy Vs Deluxe

While all three strategies are nice in their own ways, we should claim that the market, deluxe, and ultimate plan perform fairly well, provided the expense of their companies, because consumer desires will differ according to their tastes.

But wait, don’t confuse yourself! Here is your conclusion:

  • 1 Website – Economy Plan
  • Multiple Websites – Deluxe Plan

If you’re new to creating your website and you want to begin your first website, go to the Economy Plan. The Deluxe package could be your preference if you already have a few websites and are searching for a new web host.

For WordPress, Drupal, Perl, Joomla, and other software, all web hosting plans fit very well. Thus, you have no device update to think about. For these open source applications, there is a single-click installation feature. The control panel also has it all easy and simple to do.

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