How to SSH into FastComet Hosting? (Quick)

FastComet is offering free SSH access along with their web hosting services. The service is enabled and activated by default on all their servers.

You may find FTP a great way of transferring files. But SSH access will give you peace of mind when it comes to transferring big backup files or moving from an old host.

In this article, I will show you how to connect to your FastComet web hosting account via SSH. This guide is a step by step one with every single detail you might need to know along the way.

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First: Sign Up For FastComet Account

If you’ve already bought web hosting from FastComet, then you can skip this step and proceed directly to the technical steps to enable and set up SSH access.

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Why FastComet SSH?

While there are a few web hosting providers offer free SSH with their service, FastComet is offering a reputable service with SSH enabled by default.

There are many cool things you can do with secure SSH access. It will save you much time compared to other regular ways like FTP or File Manager.

Here a few things you can do with SSH access:

  • Transferring Big files between hosts.
  • Moving a website from an old hosting provider.
  • Mounting remote file systems.
  • Tunneling traffic.
  • Preserving Terminal Sessions.
  • and more!

Secure Shell (SSH) is basically a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network. Typical applications include remote command-line login and remote command execution.

How to SSH into FastComet Hosting?

You will need to follow certain steps in order to enable and activate SSh access on your account. Then, you will need to create a key with a password for easy access.

I would recommend downloading Putty to start accessing your account using an SSH terminal. You can use the terminal in Mac OS. This gives you an SSh access terminal to connect with your site.

SSh is enabled by default on FastComet shared hosting plans. You will just need to follow the following steps and you will be right away connected with your website hosting server.


To connect to your account using PuTTY, follow these steps:

  • Start “PuTTY” software on your computer.
  • In “Host Name” box, type website URL or Server IP address.
  • In the “Port” box, type the port number 17177.

Please be noted that: The default port for SSH is 22. And this is the case with the majority of web hosting brands. However, FastComet uses a different port “17177 for security reasons.

  • Confirm “SSH” Connection Type & Hit “Open“.
  • Enter your cPanel account “Username“.
  • Enter your cPanel account “Password“.
  • When you see “ [~]#“, you’re connected.

As an alternative way and for further security, It would be better to create an SSH key for your account via cPanel & automate the login via the PuTTY client. This article covers it all to create & manage SSH keys.

To Wrap Up:

Now, you should have been able to connect your FastComet shared hosting account using SSH access. This will definitely give you an edge on transferring big files or better managing your website using a terminal.

If this is your first time to use SSh, the above-mentioned steps are pretty easy and straight forward. Easily, you can manage your account SSh without any hassle using these steps.

Furthermore, let me mention a few other resources for getting started with SSh:

If you’ve got any questions or inquiries, feel free to leave your comment below. I will make sure to get back to you shortly with a prompt answer. And don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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