How To Check Domain Name Ownership History?

If that particular domain name has been registered earlier, It will have a history record. In this article, I’ll show you how to check the history of a domain name via the best available tools in the market.

First, you will need to choose a domain name for your business. Once done, It will be a perfect time to see whether this domain name was owned earlier (before you) or not.

Luckily the internet users leave footprints behind them on the internet. And accordingly, you can easily find any domain footprint with a click of your mouse.

Why To Check a Domain History?

It’s important to check for any domain you wish to obtain. You will get a clear idea on how this domain has been used earlier. And using some other tools (like; Internet Archive), you may get an idea of how it looked like in the past.

This domain may have got its own black history of malicious code for spamming purposes. It may have got a set of spammy backlinks that make it harmful to your business model.

Checking a domain history before purchasing it will indeed give you a clear idea. This should be the very first thing to do after thinking of a domain name. Then, you shall proceed to start your successful business.

Check Domain Name History of Ownership:

It’s very possible to find out the history of any domain name. Without any hassles, you can do it with a click of a button using the intuitive tools below to check domain name purchase history.

Here are the best tools out there on the internet to check out the history of any domain name. Let’s get started and please let me know in comments below for any questions or inquiries.

1. Domain Tools:

Domain Tools - Domain Name History Checker

Well, this is a very smart tool that allows it’s users to browse for historical data of any entered domain name. It gives all the information accurate and in details.

This service is a paid one costs around $49.95/month. The tool is indeed offering tons of information and important statistics about any domain name history.

Domain Tools is considered to be the most complete domain history database. It helps users to track domain ownership changes, last ownership record and the entire domain ownership trial.

2. HosterStats:

This is a tool is 100% free. It offers complete details what makes it the best domain name history checker. Furthermore, it checks all the DNS information and gives you a full report of everything you need to know.

HosterStats is also allowing you to track domain name web hosting statistics over a period of time. It will give you a full profile of the nameservers that have been used for that domain over the time since the year 2000.

Collectively, this tool will give you detailed domain name history of ownership. And accordingly, you can decide whether to buy a domain name or not based on this domain name owner history.

You can definitely rely on this awesome tool. You will get every single information you may wish for. Knowing the web hosting history of a domain might be a very important piece of information for you.

3. Internet Wayback Machine:

Internet Wayback Machine

I really love this machine. It’s one of a kind on the internet. And it will let you explore the complete history of any website. You will also be able to see how it was looking like at a certain day in the past.

If you’re planning to buy a domain name, it really worths it to check how it looked like in the past. How was the design and which brand this domain has been used for?

The Internet Wayback Machine is an open source (free) database. And it’s really a time machine of the whole internet world. Travel back and browse the history of the internet in a chosen date.

It’s basically a cookie storing service, nonetheless a great tool to crawl back in time. It saved me numerous times while working on client’s websites or even checking new domain names to purchase. And it’s FREE!


This is indeed one of the best free tools available on the internet. It allows you to check the history of any given domain name. Furthermore, it gives you a full report on the domain owner contact information.

You will also get to see the associated domain registrar, current nameservers (if registered), and the server IP address where it’s currently being hosted. You’ll be given additional statistics and dates for domain usage.

It also provides a fully functional pinging and traceroute tools to check for any domain name. You will need to hit the “Diagnostics” tab and solve the captcha to get this advanced information.

5. Norton Safe Web:

The main mission of this tool is to keep the internet a secure place. This tool will help to track a website and check for malicious codes or any other malware.

While you can definitely pay for this kind of feature, Norton Safe Web is available for Free! You can easily put in a domain name to check whether it’s safe or has been blacklisted for malicious activity.

This tool is one of the best tools in the industry and it’s 100% trustworthy with proven results. Before buying a domain, make sure you run a quick check there and ensure it’s clean.

Malware and other malicious code on a website will definitely affect your website authority. It’s pretty hard to gain your domain authority back. So, it’s a pretty good tool to keep things tidy.

6. IntoDNS:

Whois Information

IntoDNS is another great tool that will let you check the health and DNS configurations for any given domain. It will give you a detailed report about the DNS records or any errors reported.

Furthermore, It will give suggestions on how to fix a DNS issue or a misconfiguration. It’s indeed a great tool to analyze currently registered domain names and get an idea of how their DNS profile looks like.

This tool is really precious and is highly recommended and trusted among the web hosting industry. Many web hosting providers are referencing to it while investigating for DNS errors or lookups for a domain name system history.

7. Whois Request:

Whois Request

Whois Request is not as collective as the tools mentioned above. However, this tool comes handy in terms of whether a domain name has been registered before or not.

Furthermore, it usually tracks nameservers changes over a period of time since 2002. Whois Request also offers a wide range of other services such as Whois Information Lookup, Reverse IP check, &Reverse Nameservers check.

Whois Request tools allow you to search in public whois databases about a specific domain name or IP Address (IPv4 and IPv6). You can also find more information and contact details for a domain’s owner.


That was everything from my part about the best tools to check domain name system history. These tools are reputable and trustworthy to lookup all the domain information you’re looking for.

They’ve been used and trusted by big web hosting brand names in investigating for DNS issues or looking up a domain name. I would definitely recommend giving them a shot and trying them out.

Thanks for reading this article. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to hear from your end about the best domain history checker tool you’re using.

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