Where To Buy Domain Name Without Hosting?

Do you have a business idea with a unique name? But you don’t want to launch your business right now? It’s very wise to look up your business domain name and register it before somebody else does.

Registering a domain name for your business is the very first step in launching your online presence. Registering your domain name along with web hosting will get you better discounts. But at least, registering your business name now is better than nothing.

The majority of web hosting companies offer free domain name registration with web hosting. There are also many domain name registrars where you can buy a domain name without hosting.

In this article, we’re listing the top best domain name registrars. You can register your domain name and get exceptional customer support when it comes to syncing the domain name with a web hosting later.

Register Domain Name without Hosting:

It’s important to understand how domain names work. Domain names are subjected to availability. The first thing of all, you should look up the name you’ve come up with. Once you find one that is available, you should get it.

The domain name is basically the website URL on the internet. The domain name later is to be connected to your web hosting nameservers via DNS records.

Once you call a domain name in the browser, it will look up the DNS server records to get the data out of a server. This is a quick orientation on how a domain name and web hosting work together.

Here’re the best domain name registrars to use:

1. NameSilo:

We’ve been using NameSilo for a long time now. They’re offering one of the best services in the market. Their support is top-notch and is always available to address any inquiries.

They’re offering the best rates in the industry. You can register your brand new domain name for as low as $8.99 per year. And at some other times, they run massive discounts on their already discounted rates.

Besides the great rates, NameSilo is also offering a free Whois Privacy Protection. Protecting your privacy is becoming more and more important every day. This is one of the best features NameSilo offers.

NameSilo is an ICANN certified domain registrar. And they’re really growing fast. They’re serving millions of domain names worldwide and counting.

NameSilo recently started to offer quality web hosting services. While we didn’t have any experience with their hosting services yet, they’re gaining traction and many other positive feedbacks.


2. NameCheap:

NameCheap has been around for a while. It’s an ultimate recommendation if you’re looking forward to getting all your services from one place. NameCheap is an ICANN certified domain registrar.

If you’re having a domain name somewhere else, you can also transfer your domain to NameCheap. The process is easy and straight-forward. Furthermore, NameCheap staff are very willing to assist you along the way.

NameCheap is also offering Whois Protection services for your registered domain names. Furthermore, you can buy and sell domains in their auctions marketplace.

We’ve had a very positive experience with NameCheap domain registration services. They’re also offering quality web hosting services too which are very recommended if you plan to launch your website soon.


3. GoDaddy:

This company has been around for a while. It’s the world’s biggest domain name registrar with millions of customers worldwide. They’re offering quality web hosting and email services too.

They’re featuring an influential client portal where you can manage your domain names and services. You can easily point your domain name to another web-hosting nameservers with ease.

Godaddy is also running awesome deals and discounts from time to time. They’re featuring one of the best auctions marketplace where you can buy and sell domain names with ease.


TIP: Keep Services Separated

It’s always wise to get your web hosting and the domain name from two different providers. This will be a perfect setup for future business scalability.

Getting both services from the same provider will give you a better deal and more discounts. But keeping them separate will let you keep the domain name only in case you never started or stopped your business for a reason.

When you want to cancel web hosting, you will have to transfer your domain somewhere else to avoid losing it. Transferring a domain name is a process by itself and may take you some time to accomplish. And if not done right, it will mess your services and emails.

The perfect setup will be as follows:

  • Get a domain name (Provider A).
  • Get web hosting (Provider B).
  • Connect both services using Nameservers.

For more information, you can ask your service provider for more details. Most of the companies are having an online knowledge base and a blog explaining these common technical topics.


The above-mentioned companies are where to buy a domain name without web hosting. While I recommend NameSilo, all three are perfect providers with amazing customer support quality.

That was it all. Let us know in the comments below your own experience setting up a website. And remember to keep services separated if you’re not a technical savvy and don’t know how to transfer a domain.

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