The Difference Between Addon Domain Vs Subdomain

In this post, we’re reviewing the difference between Addon Domain Vs Subdomain. You may have used these words, but you don’t really know what they say. Here we will provide the information required for each of them to get a better understanding.

But before heading any further, it’s very important to understand what is the domain name. A common internet protocol ( IP) address is a domain name. This is a numerical address containing a website on a list. Domain names are like the entries in your phone book, where you have numbers to make calls for each name.

Likewise, when you type a URL on your browser, you give the Internet a name representing one or more IP addresses. Although the network knows only the language of the IP addresses, the domain name that you join can not be found.

Every web server needs a Domain Name System ( DNS) server in order to translate these names into IP addresses. Now, that you’ve understood how the domain name works, it’s time to go further explaining the differences between Addon Domain Vs Subdomain.

Sub Domain


A subdomain is a derivative of the main domain name of your website. For example, a subdomain will look like; or These links could be linked directly from your main site or could be used separately for different purposes.

Those are the domain addresses intended to group the new website into sections that vary entirely from the main site. There are several explanations for why owners of companies use subdomains.

Here are a few explanations for your convenience:

Marketing & Advertising

It will be nice to have a subdomain if you have an enormous amount of content on a business-related topic. You can treat it as an independent site. But be sure that you have enough content that can produce substantial traffic. If you do not create a subdomain, you won’t get any results.

Improving SEO Rankings

Because search engines consider the subdomains as individual pages, several subdomains may be incorporated into the rankings. We should show on a search page for the main domain, meaning that you can push the rivalry much farther.

Subdomains concentrate on a specific feature of a website, and they can educate the viewer on the topic. It also enables the use of selected domain name keywords. You will impact your niche even more than your main web site by including such targeted keywords.

Economic for Multiple Approaches

You would have to spend a ton if you choose to create websites linked to your main site — and if you sign them under a different domain name. Instead, it won’t cost you any extra amount when you create subdomains. Many web hosting companies offer a number of subdomains free of charge.

By building subdomains, you can meet your business’ specific requirements free of charge. The more subdomains you create for your business, the better you can generate brand value. The branding of the company is passed to the public domain.

Addon Domain

Contrary to a subdomain, an addon domain allows you to establish a completely new domain name for the primary page. A subdomain is directly related to the location of the parent. Nevertheless, an addon domain will reap certain privileges, such as email addresses, forwarders, bandwidth, etc., such as with the website.

An add-on domain does not have a control panel of its own. It functions in your primary domain’s same control panel with a subdirectory attached to your networking root directory. The add-on domain, therefore, comprises of its own index files (add-on domain homepage) and CGI bin archive.

You don’t have to pay any extra fees to build a subdomain. However, you have to register a new domain name with an annual charge from a domain registrar. Then, you’ll need to add this new domain to the your web hosting account.

Web Hosting Limitations

You will definitely need to make sure that your current web hosting plan allows multiple or unlimited addon domains. Some companies are limiting the number of addon domains that could be hosted on their plans. This is something you’ll need to verify before registering your second domain name.

The biggest benefit of an add-on domain is that you can build several domains on the same server utilizing the same control panel. It can use all your web hosting resources such as bandwidth and disk space. If you build an extra domain, you will use nearly all the same functionality you get from the main domain.

Addon Domain Vs Subdomain

Back to the main comparison, both are different solutions provided in your web hosting control. The subdomain is a sub-address of your main domain name. This is very beneficial if you’re after setting up different sections on your main website.

On the other site, Addon Domain is a whole new domain other than your primary one. But instead of purchasing a new hosting account for it, you can simply add it to the same hosting control panel without any extra unneeded cost.

Addon Domains are very economical to run multiple websites without spending extra money on web hosting. And don’t worry, it’s hard for the regular users to relate both sites are from the same owner unless fetched using the IP Address.

Recommended Web Hosts

It’s very important to choose a web host that gives you access to unlimited subdomains and addon domains. While some web hosts are offering very limited resources, there are other recommended web hosts that are offering unlimited recourses.

Let’s have quick recommendations for compatible web hosts below:

The starter plan for each of the above-mentioned web hosts is always limited to 1 domain name. This basically means that you will not be able to add multiple addon domains to the same web hosting account.

That’s exactly why investing in a bigger web hosting plan is better as it gives you space for future growth. And the best part is that you’ll not have to pay much to host additional domain names.


A subdomain is a member of the primary domain. An addon domain is a standard domain that has only been linked to your hosting account. The main reason for this is that it is not the original domain name you use to set up your hosting account. Was that meaningful?

Now, you should have got a quick idea of the difference between addon domain vs subdomain. Get yourself educated and make sure to choose a reliable web host with unlimited resources for future growth. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve got any questions or inquiries.

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